Who is Rubén? Who Killed Avi in Snowfall?

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

FX’s crime drama seriesSnowfall’ revolves around the drug scene in Los Angeles during the 1980s. Franklin Saint emerges as the kingpin of the same as he creates a crack cocaine empire by joining hands with Theodore “Teddy” McDonald, a CIA operative who provides funds for a war against Communism by selling drugs. As the series progresses, their partnership gets intricate and the two potent individuals end up turning against each other. While Franklin realizes that Teddy isn’t his ally anymore, Cissy introduces Rubén to her son. But who exactly is he? What does he want? How is he related to Avi’s murder? Let us share answers to all your questions concerning Rubén! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Rubén: Cuban-born KGB Spy

Rubén is a Cuban-born spy working for the Cuban division of the KGB, the security agency of the Soviet Union. After the death of his mother, he moved to the Soviet Union with his Russian father, only to eventually become a KGB spy. Rubén’s most prominent objective is to eliminate Teddy as a threat to Communism. To fulfill the same, he forms an allyship with Franklin’s mother Cissy while she is in Cuba after she gets forced by Teddy to leave the United States with her husband Alton. The spy realizes that he will be able to infiltrate into the realm of the former CIA operative by teaming up with Franklin.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

Rubén lets Cissy know that he will protect her son Franklin and their family if she leads him to Teddy. He arrives in Los Angeles with Cissy as well. In the fifth season, the spy remains a significant presence in the City of Angels’ drug scene by trying to unravel Teddy’s operations. After Teddy has stolen Franklin’s $73 million, Cissy leads her son to Rubén, who promises his help and assistance to regain the money from the ex-CIA agent. Since Franklin and Teddy are fighting a war against each other, the former seemingly accepts the spy’s offer to ensure his enemy’s downfall.

Alejandro Edda, who is known for his performance as Marco Rodriguez in AMC’s post-apocalyptic seriesFear the Walking Dead,’ plays Rubén. In ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ the actor portrays the infamous drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. He also appears in ‘The Bridge,’ ‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘Chance,’ ‘American Made,’ ‘The Forever Purge,’ etc.

Teddy’s Quest for Justice

Rubén kills Avi in the fifth season finale. The Cuban spy realizes that it is important for him to learn more about Teddy and his operations to eliminate the latter, which leads him to his target’s trusted associate Avi. The Israeli drug lord is the one who trades firearms with the former CIA agent, which are transferred to the Contras to wage a war against Communism. In the fifth season finale, Rubén confronts Avi, asks him for information concerning Teddy, and even searches for any relevant documents in the drug lord’s safe. When he fails to find any, Rubén eventually kills Avi as the first step in bringing down Teddy and his vast empire.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

By killing Avi, Rubén becomes a significant and mysterious presence in the drug scene. Rubén also tries to kidnap Teddy’s girlfriend Parissa but she succeeds in escaping from him. When Teddy ultimately finds her, she offers a description of her kidnapper and Avi’s killer. Teddy has started to search for Rubén with the help of the description offered by Parissa. In the upcoming episodes, we may see Teddy and Rubén battling it out against each other since the spy’s identity is no longer a secret. Considering that Teddy will realize who exactly Rubén is in no time, the spy’s life is hanging by a thread. We may see him joining hands with Franklin to fight the former CIA agent, who wants to take revenge on the one who killed his ally, Avi.

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