Does Tabitha Kill Jughead? Is Jughead Dead or Alive in Riverdale?

The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ is embracing the paranormal world in season 6. In particular, in the second episode, we see the main characters combating various types of supernatural phenomena. We see how Tabitha (Erinn Westbrook) and Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) joyful live-in situation quickly goes from cheerful to sour to downright terrifying. Affected by a murderous ghost and her own agitations, Tabitha considers killing Jughead with a hammer. So, does she? Does Jughead die or does he survive? Let’s find out.

Does Tabitha Kill Jughead?

In season 6 episode 2, we see Tabitha and Jughead living together in their new apartment. However, things soon go downhill, seemingly in line with the bad luck brought about by Jughead’s killing of a spider in season 6 episode 1. Tabitha becomes upset as Jughead begins to slack off and forgets to do menial household chores. When she begins to fix a painting on the wall, she accidentally makes a hole in it and discovers a room. Jughead and Tabitha look at the dusty ships-in-bottles strewn across the hidden space.

Later, Tabitha asks the realtor about the room. The realtor explains that the apartment used to be inhabited by a couple, Sam and Diane, who died in a horrific murder-suicide. She also mentions that Jughead was informed of the story. Later, when Tabitha confronts Jughead about it, he confesses that he did not tell her about it as he did not wish to ruin her happiness at getting the perfect apartment. Additionally, he is intrigued by Sam and Diane and wants to write about them. We find out that, in a fit of inexplicable rage, Diane killed Sam, a painter obsessed with his own work, using a hammer. She then hanged herself.

Is Jughead Dead or Alive?

As the episode progresses, Tabitha increasingly becomes angry at Jughead. She has a nightmare about killing with a hammer; later, she finds one in the fridge and even hesitatingly approaches him with it. Feeling underappreciated and tired of his obsession with the bottled ships and writing, Tabitha begins to contemplate his murder. She also worries about his proximity to alcohol (he was an alcoholic) and tendency to get lost in his artistic world. She also finds out that Jughead used to share his drafts with Betty — he does not do so with her.

Thus, Tabitha feels as though Jughead believes that she isn’t good enough for him. The situation comes to a boiling point when Tabitha reads Jughead’s story about Sam and Diane and sees parallels to their own relationship. She breaks his bottles and typewriter. She accuses him of guiltlessly spending her hard-earned money whilst being uncaring, indifferent, and full of complaints. Then, Tabitha rushes towards him with a hammer. In the mirror, she sees herself as Diane.

However, at the last moment, Tabitha stops herself. “We are not like them. We are stronger than this,” she declares. Thus, Tabitha does not kill Jughead and he is alive and well, albeit quite shaken. The two even confess their love for each other for the first time. As they talk about their flawed but strong relationship, Tabitha wonders if Diane’s ghost was the sole reason for her behavior. Jughead talks about how love is a series of tests that they must face together. As the door suddenly shuts, the couple assumes that the ghost has exited, frightened by them. This is in line with Pop’s advice about ghosts — that they are just as scared of humans as humans are of them.

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