Does Tommaso Die in Supersex?

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Supersex,’ the life and times of Rocco Siffredi come alive on the screen. The show follows his journey from his childhood innocence to the path that made him one of the most successful names in the adult film industry. While the world sees his success, fame, and money, the trials and tribulations of his personal life are hidden from everyone else. Rocco and his family go through grief and loss, all of them processing things in their own way. Rocco shares this journey with his elder half-brother, Tommaso, whose end is much darker than the fate that the pornstar meets. What happens to Tommaso by the end of the show? SPOILERS AHEAD

Tommaso Rises From the Dead, Only to Die Again

In the first episode of ‘Supersex,’ a 40-year-old Rocco, who is at the peak of his stardom, sees a familiar face in the crowd of his fans but is disturbed by it because it is the face of his dead brother, Tommaso. He had been through a difficult time and was last seen jumping into the river. His body was never found, and while Rocco spent a lot of time trying to find his brother, he failed. Rocco and the rest of his family assumed that Tommaso was dead. But then, it turns out he wasn’t.

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

Yes, Tommaso had thrown himself into the river, but the fall didn’t kill him. He survived, and seeing that everyone thought he was dead, he found it better to stay away. By now, he had lost everything he held dead. He was not on good terms with Rocco, whom he loved more than anyone else. His wife, Lucia, had left him, taking their son with her, and was living with the man Tommaso considered his enemy. Despite his efforts to get her back, it eventually became clear to him that he had lost her for good.

Another thing that ate at his heart was the loss of his mother. Tommaso had a falling out with her due to her hatred for Lucia. The rumor about Tommaso not being her son also created a gap between them, though she continued to worry about him, and he still loved her as his mother. When she was on her deathbed, Rocco asked Tommaso to meet her, but he didn’t. So, when she died, Tommaso felt a wave of grief and guilt that consumed him.

Adulthood didn’t treat Tommaso right, and the tighter he tried to hold on to the things he loved, the more they slipped away from him. Eventually, he came out of hiding and met his brother, Rocco. His sudden return from the death shocked Rocco, but he was happy to be reunited with his brother. While the two made up, Tommaso met another heartbreak when he discovered Lucia was getting married. He tried to kill her new husband but couldn’t when he saw his son standing with her husband.

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

If there was any hope left for Tommaso, it was extinguished at that moment. He felt shame for showing this side of him to his son. Rocco realized his brother’s fragile condition and took him back home. Before that, they went to the restaurant that Tommaso used to work at. In the secret locker, he had hidden their brother Claudio’s helmet. It was the only thing that he had of Claudio, and he held on to it because it reminded him of the days when life was still good when they were children and nothing bad had happened to any of them. Claudio was still alive, and so was their mother.

In Tommaso’s room, which is a sadly decrepit place, posters of Rocco adorn the walls. This shows that despite their differences, Tommaso was proud of his brother. With Rocco’s posters on the wall and Claudio’s helmet in his arms, Tommaso is transported back to the time when the three of them were still together as children in their small hometown in Italy. It is with the memory of those happy times that he puts a gun to his head and kills himself. Rocco hears the gunshot and realizes what has happened. This time, Tommaso is gone for good, and he won’t be coming back.

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