Does Trevor Kill the Bee at the End of Man vs Bee?

Created by ‘Mr. Bean’ fame Rowan Atkinson and William Davies, Netflix’s comedy series ‘Man vs Bee’ centers around Trevor Bingley, a house sitter who gets employed by Christian and Nina to look after their mansion and dog Cupcake while they are away on vacation. In the mansion, Trevor encounters a bee who doesn’t stop disturbing him. When his efforts to let the bee out of the mansion becomes fruitless, he decides to kill it someway. As the series progresses through Trevor’s attempts to put an end to the bee’s life, one must want to know whether he succeeds in the same. Let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Trevor Kill the Bee?

No, Trevor does not kill the bee. Trevor encounters the bee for the first time when he waits outside the gate of Nina and Christian’s mansion. Along with him, the bee also enters the mansion and starts to disturb him when he starts to look after the place. Initially, Trevor doesn’t wish to kill the insect. He displays his considerate nature by trapping it in a big microwave and letting it out of the mansion for both of their survival. However, the bee doesn’t let him have his way. It flies back to the mansion, trapping Trevor outside.

Trevor eventually decides to kill the bee when it becomes his nemesis. He slips into dog feces and falls from a traditional chimney due to the bee, which tests his patience and good nature. The person who decides against “frying” the bee when he got it trapped inside the microwave sets out to kill it using several gases. The endeavor not only doesn’t kill the bee but also harms Cupcake severely. Trevor ends up taking the dog to a veterinarian while fighting the bee on the way. When the insect gets trapped inside Christian’s Jaguar, he destroys the same to kill it, only to fail.

When his “mild” methods do not yield any results, Trevor becomes ambitious. He sets up a bomb inside a little wooden structure and lures the bee to it using honey. Even though the bomb explodes, the bee manages to stay alive and the structure falls on Cupcake, fortunately not killing the dog. As a last resort, Trevor partially burns down Nina and Christian’s mansion and still fails to kill it. Trevor gets imprisoned for the crimes he committed but manages to get released soon when he proves that Christian committed insurance fraud. He gets rewarded by the insurance company, which helps him to take his daughter Maddy on a vacation.

But guess who continues to haunt Trevor; the bee! As the show ends with the bee surviving, there’s a distinct dimension in which the insect can be interpreted. The bee can be seen as a metaphor for Trevor’s obsessiveness. As his ex-wife Jess reveals, Trevor believes that everything and anything is against him. Rather than leaving the bee as it is initially, he wages war against it, only for it to retaliate by making his life miserable. By the end of the show, Trevor doesn’t even hesitate to burn a mansion down as his obsession conquers his senses. As the bee wins the war, the show shows us that obsession never yields good results.

The survival of the bee also displays how Trevor will continue to be obsessive about trivial things. The indication of the same is present in the closing scene of the show’s first season as Trevor continues his battle against the bee instead of spending time with Maddy while on vacation. If a second season of the show materializes, we can look forward to seeing the new lengths Trevor will possibly go to kill the insect.

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