Does Veronique Die in Snowfall? Why Does She Break Up With Franklin?

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The sixth and final season of FX’s crime drama seriesSnowfall’ revolves around Franklin Saint, who tries to reclaim the empire he built in the drug scene of Los Angeles. Franklin loses his throne when his partner Theodore “Teddy” McDonald betrays him by stealing his $73 million. The kingpin teams up with his partner and mother of his baby Veronique Turner to retrieve the money. In the series finale, Franklin realizes that he is running out of options, especially after the death of Teddy. Veronique proposes an option that can save them but her partner stands against the same, which leads her to make a pivotal decision concerning her future. So, does she die at the end of the series? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Veronique Leaves Franklin for Their Child’s Safety

No, Veronique does not die. In the ninth episode of the sixth season, Franklin and Veronique team up to torture Teddy to get the kingpin’s money back from the former CIA agent. Although the couple succeeds in striking a deal with Teddy, Franklin’s mother Sharon “Cissy” Saint kills the latter, exacting her vengeance on the man for killing her husband Alton. She also doesn’t want Franklin to get any money that will make him fight for his lost drug empire, which will threaten his life as well. In the series finale, Veronique realizes that it is time for Franklin to sell everything he has and part ways with the drug scene of the City of Angels.

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Veronique even talks about selling Franklin’s properties and businesses with a prospective buyer without asking her partner first. In her view, Franklin has nothing to fight for. The DEA is marching down the streets of the city to keep the same clean and Teddy is dead for her partner to return to the drug trade. She knows that Franklin is fighting a war with nothing worthy to win at the end. But Franklin thinks otherwise. As a king whose pride is hurt, he sells his properties to fund his fight in the war, which infuriates Veronique. Franklin also makes it clear to her that he will tear everything he has built down if it will seem necessary in his view.

As a mother-to-be, Veronique knows that she cannot rely on Franklin to safeguard her and their unborn baby anymore. In her view, Franklin is determined to lose everything to win a pointless and worthless war. She must be thinking that her partner hasn’t given a single thought concerning the survival of herself and their baby, which is more or less true. Veronique then takes matters into her own hand. She breaks up with Franklin, withdraws a substantial amount of money from his bank account, and disappears from his life. Although he sends the best men in the business to find her, Veronique succeeds in hiding herself and her baby from Franklin’s delirium, possibly with the help of her mother Cassandra Turner.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

As far as co-creator Dave Andron is concerned, Veronique breaks up with Franklin and runs away from him after doing everything she can as his partner. “She [Veronique] stayed with him [Franklin] as long as she possibly could. I do think that Franklin tries to get out at the end of Season 5, that he truly wanted out. He wanted to run a legit business, but he knows that life on the street only ends one of two ways. She sticks with him for as long as she can,” Andron told TVLine. “When the things she’s doing are really the things that are in the best interest of the two of them, and he can’t see that [and] threatens her, she knows that she’s come to the end of what she can do for him and needs to go create a different life with his kid,” he added about Veronique’s decision to separate and run away from Franklin.

In the closing scene of the show, Franklin tells Leon Simmons that Veronique did call him to say that she gave birth to their son. Veronique also told him that she did what she did for the betterment of their child, who will be able to grow with better living conditions away from Franklin and the troubles he has created. Considering that the kingpin becomes a homeless man, it is unlikely that Veronique would ever want to return to his life.

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