Where is Donkmaster Filmed?

‘Donkmaster’ offers a new and exciting look into the subculture of American street racing that we haven’t seen before. If you’re unfamiliar with what ‘donking’ is, it is the act of pushing classic American cars on huge rims to their extremes. There’s usually big money waiting at the end of the road, and Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas walks us through this new and exciting world.

Although donking mostly takes place in the south, from Florida to Baton Rouge, Thomas goes to new cities each weekend to compete with the best drivers. No matter how good, it is not easy keeping up with the Donkmaster himself. In the process, viewers get to see various locations, which might make you wonder where ‘Donkmaster’ has been filmed. We’ve got you covered.

Donkmaster Filming Locations:

‘Donkmaster’ has been filmed across various places in the US. After all, the racers take to the streets, and the air is abuzz with excitement. Vice Tv follows these high-octane individuals as they leave tire burns on the asphalt. The crews have followed the racers on various courses. Among them, some of the locations are bound to jump out, like Las Vegas, Nevada. There are reports of some races having taken place in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as well.

Sage is often on the road and hits up spots all over the US, including Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, and even Iowa. Most of the races take place on the freeways so that the vehicles get a lot of space to push themselves to extremes. Here’s just how the Donkmaster rolls on the road.


There have been some complaints from niche fans that Florida hasn’t been adequately represented in the series, despite being one of the donking hotspots. But what we can see is enough to get us excited. ‘Donkmaster’ might have headed to the Las Vegas Convention Center as well, which is a popular spot among those immersed in the donking culture.


Ultimately, ‘Donkmaster’ introduces us to a world that not many know about, but one that is filled with passionate people willing to push themselves and their vehicles to a limit. The show’s executive producer spoke about this, saying, “This is a massive, amazing world with high stakes, huge characters, and incredible action. It was right in front of everyone, but no one was covering it. We’re thrilled to shine a light on this incredible racing scene and the king of the sport — Donkmaster.”

By hitting various spots in the nation, ‘Donkmaster’ has already proven that the donking culture is not localized. Perhaps, in upcoming seasons, we will understand more of this world, as we are transported to different race tracks.

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