Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Hachioji-senpai Taught Me a Lot

In the tenth episode of ‘Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro’ season 2 or ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack,’ Hayase annoys Naoto in the club room just like every other day. Since he cannot come up with ideas for his painting, she offers to model for him and wears a competition swimsuit of her own accord. Later that same day, she is shocked when Naoto’s middle school club friend transfers to their school and reveals that he had taught her to paint hand-in-hand. As if this was not bad enough, she also joins the art club, whose only member in the new term has been Naoto.

Nagatoro Becomes a Model for Naoto’s Sketch

As Naoto sits down to paint something just like any other day, he can’t get over the fact that Hayase had asked him to kiss her if she manages to defeat Orihara in the judo match. He feels that she can’t really be serious and is probably just teasing him. Suddenly, Nagatoro barges into the room and notices that Naoto has just been sitting there all this time.

When Hayase learns that he cannot think of an idea for his new work, she volunteers to model for him so that he can draw a portrait. She then goes into the changing room and returns wearing a competition swimsuit. Naoto is naturally hesitant to draw her in such a dress but Hayase pays no attention to his concerns. Eventually, he draws Nagatoro until she gets tired of posing in the same position.

As Hayase sits on the sofa, she starts complaining about back pain and asks Naoto to give her a massage. Although he is reluctant, he eventually does what he is told. Just Nagatoro is teasing him about sharing a kiss, a girl who is later revealed to be Sunomiya barges into the room. She turns out to be Naoto’s old friend who was in the same art club as him in middle school.

Is Hayase Jealous of Sunomiya?

After learning that Sunomiya was in the same art club as Naoto in middle school and he taught her everything hand-in-hand, she seemed quite uncomfortable. When Naoto introduced her as just another second-year student she was even more offended. Nagatoro then tried to argue that Naoto was strange, which shows her insecurities. Unfortunately, her words had no effect since Sunomiya argued that she has learned to see beauty in all kinds of oddities, so Naoto’s strange mannerism was not something that bothered her personally.

Before she could talk with her anymore, Maki barges into the club room and asks her to go with her for judo. Later in the judo club, Nagatoro does not seem focused at all. It appears that she is bothered by Sunomiya’s sudden arrival into her and Naoto’s life. Maki and Orihara notice that and start teasing her about it. Since they are quite accurate in their interpretation of the whole situation, Hayase does not really have much to say and allows them to tease her.

What is Sunomiya’s Interpretation of Naoto’s Art?

After Nagatoro is gone, Sunomiya finally gets to have a look at Naoto’s work, which includes several portraits of Hayase. She notices something peculiar that no one except her could have probably seen. In middle school, Naoto’s paintings according to were dull. But now it has changed radically and he does not hesitate in using colors in his work. According to Sunomiya, Hayase is the goddess who has changed Naoto’s world.

In other words, she has helped him realize the true potential of his work and made him open to more possibilities, which reflects in his painting now. Naturally, Naoto denies that such an observation was obviously wrong and categorically states that Hayase is no goddess but is more of a demon. He then goes on to explain that she eventually made him draw her but over time he felt that it was quite fun actually.

Sunomiya takes Naoto’s words into account and comes up with the interpretation that the art room is the nest of love for Naoto and the demon. The two of them have been nurturing forbidden love there. Sunomiya then goes on to advise Naoto to grab the love that he can before it slips away. When Naoto asks for further clarification, Sunomiya tells him to take Hayase on a date.

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