Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Why Don’t You Try Bulking Up a Little, Paisen?

In the eighth episode of ‘Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro’ season 2 or ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack’ titled ‘Why Don’t You Try Bulking Up a Little, Paisen?’ Naoto draws Hayase’s portrait while they are hanging out with each other in the club room. When Naoto learns about the upcoming school mixed martial arts competitions, he decides to participate in them. But aware of his weak technique, Naoto asks for Nagatoro’s help with the hope of doing slightly better than his previous performances.

Naoto Draws Nagatoro’s Portrait

While hanging out with Naoto in the club room, Hayase notices the cupboards are filled with canvases now and there is no space left. She suggests selling some of the work. Later that day, when Hayase is sitting on the sofa, Naoto looks at her for a few moments. Nagatoro notices him and starts teasing him immediately. After being asked twice, Naoto opens up about his desire to make a portrait, something that he has not drawn in a while.

Naturally, Hayase is ready to be his model and poses for the drawing. Although they take some time to select the final posture, they eventually arrive at a consensus and Naoto paints a beautiful drawing. But then Maki and her friends suddenly barge into the club room. That’s when Hayase realizes that she should probably leave and walks away. Later that day, Naoto goes to mixed martial training and appears to struggle a lot.

The following day, he learns that the mixed martial arts competition is going to be held in the school soon. Naoto appears to have the desire to perform well in it but does not really have the confidence he needs. When he talks about mixed martial arts with Maki, she shares the pamphlet of her family-run martial arts training gym. Although Naoto has no plans of joining it, he visits it later that day and finds Nagatoro there, who is having a sparring session with Maki. But Hayase loses focus when she sees him and ends up getting knocked down by Maki.

Does Nagatoro Teach Naoto Martial Arts? Does Hayase Want to Participate in the School Competition?

After Naoto is alone with Nagatoro, he asks her if she can teach him martial arts. Hayase listens to his request and simply walks away. Naoto worries that he may have offended her in some manner but then she returns with a proper uniform so that they can practice together. Since he has been performing terribly over the years in school martial arts tournaments, Naoto desperately wants to do better this time around. Interestingly, just when they are about to start their practice, Maki tells them to look after the mixed martial art gym while she is gone. With no one around, Nagatoro and Naoto start their training.

Naturally, Hayase soon proves to be a far superior wrestler to Naoto and easily slams him to the ground. She then uses her body weight along with a well-controlled technique to keep him on the ground. The position is a bit awkward for Naoto since he wants to avoid any inappropriate touches. When Hayase continues to mock him and ask him why he isn’t able to get up, Naoto panics and makes the excuse that she is just too heavy for him. He immediately realizes that this is obviously not something that he should have said. Nagatoro gets furious and starts putting more effort to make it impossible for him to move. Meanwhile, she explains that her superior grip and ground control are because of her technique and not her body weight.

After everyone returns, Naoto takes a break following a session of grueling training. Since Maki defeated Hayase earlier, the latter wants to have another sparring session with her. When the two fight again and Maki tries to knock her down with another punch, Nagatoro not only dodges the attack but ingeniously slams her to the ground. Later when Nagatoro and Naoto are walking back home, the latter praises the former’s impressive technique against Maki.

Naoto then also asks about Hayase’s judo experience and she finally opens up. She reveals that she does not necessarily hate judo but at one point in time, she felt stuck as she was unable to defeat some of the people she was with. This eventually led to her decline in interest in judo and she eventually quit. When Naoto brings up the topic of participating in the school tournament, Hayase does not show any interest at all. Naoto also noticed that she becomes a little emotionally charged whenever the topic of judo is brought up to her.

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