Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Figured That’s How You’d Ski, Senpai

In the seventh episode of ‘Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro’ season 2 or ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack’ titled ‘I Figured That’s How You’d Ski, Senpai,’ Naoto buys himself a pair of contact lens instead of wearing glasses all the time. Later when he goes skiing with his friends, Hayase helps Naoto understands the intricacies of the skill and even helps him practice twice. Sana manages to get into art school directly from high school but the news of her successful leap in career comes with a haunting realization for Naoto.

Nagatoro Teaches Naoto How to Skii

Naoto has always worn glasses and it has come to a point that he has gotten bored of them. In order to change himself a little, he buys a pair of contact lenses but is yet to try them. When Hayase learns about it, she does not hesitate in pushing Naoto onto the sofa in the club room and forcefully putting the contact lens in his eyes herself. This one moment shows how their relationship has developed over the months and now they can be intimately close to one another without panicking.

Later, Naoto goes skiing with his friends on a good day sometime in the winter. The three of them are still on the beginner route and have failed to make any significant progress. That day, Naoto is approached by Hayase and she offers to go skiing with him. But when she realizes how terrible he is, she decides to give him a free ski lesson so that he can understand the intricacies of the sport.

Does Naoto Learn to Ski?

Although Nagatoro gives private instructions to Naoto, he barely makes any progress. Later that night when his friends meet him, they don’t miss the opportunity to tease him. Exactly at that moment, he sees a group of night skiers going out again to enjoy the skiing season to the fullest. Hayase is also among them and she immediately approaches Naoto for another round of private tutoring so that he can become a better skier. But it seems that Naoto has become quite hopeless at this point and does not wish to embarrass himself more in front of Nagatoro.

Therefore, he makes the excuse that his legs hurt, so he cannot go with her. But sometime later that same night, he goes skiing alone so that he can work on his skills. When he suddenly notices a newbie about to collide with a tree, he rushes toward him and manages to get hold of him at the right time. In that instance, he somehow manages to surpass his substandard skiing prowess and becomes a better version of himself. This is in stark contrast to his poor performance just moments before the incident when he was practicing alone.

While he has just begun to gain some confidence, two skiers who are busy taking photos on their phones while in motion approach him directly at a very high speed. By the time Naoto notices them it is already too late. It seems that the inevitable collision will lead to some serious injuries but Hayase is quick to come to his rescue and saves him at the very last minute. The incident seems to remind Naoto how good of a skier Hayase is. Just when she turns her attention towards him after warning the skiers who were about to collide with Naoto, he asks her to teach her how to be as good as her.

Nagatoro naturally wants to help Naoto and immediately accepts the request to be his instructor one more time. She then tells him basic techniques along with other intricacies of the skill to make Naoto a better skier. The following day she is confident that he will show a significant improvement. But this turns out to be a huge misunderstanding as Naoto continues to fall over and over again despite being taught in great detail twice by Hayase.

Why Does Naoto Feel That He Does Not Know Hayase?

Sometime later following their skiing adventures, Naoto is informed by Sana that she has been accepted into art school right out of high school. He is not surprised since he knows that she is a talented artist. But Sana expects Naoto to continue making good progress and think more about his choices after graduation. When she asks him about his plans, Naoto is quick to respond that he still wants to aim for art school.

Sana is impressed since he is rarely this positive and confident about anything and feels that Hayase may have something to do with his change in demeanor. That’s when Naoto also realizes that over the year that he has gotten closer to Nagatoro, both of them have influenced each other in countless ways. However, he now feels that he hardly knows anything about her ambitions and goals in life.

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