Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: How Are Your Fortunes This Year, Senpai?

In the sixth episode of ‘Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro’ season 2 or ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack’ titled ‘How Are Your Fortunes This Year, Senpai?’ the titular protagonist thinks about the Christmas gift she wants to buy for her senpai. The following day at school, she and Naoto struggle to find the right opportunity to exchange presents thanks to the constant interference of their friends and other students. On new years’ day, Nagatoro indirectly invites Naoto to the Ishido shrine, where she is going to be a shrine maiden for the whole day.

Nagatoro Plans to Buy Naoto a Christmas Present

At her house, Nagatoro asks Misaki if she has any ideas for a good Christmas gift. Before she gives any useful suggestion, Misaki uses the chance to tease her younger sister if the present is for someone special. She then tells Nagatoro that something consumable will be a good gift but later says that if she wants to give something long-lasting, then a present that can be used all the time would be great. Her advice seems to give Nagatoro a clear idea of what she is going to buy for her senpai as she thanks her immediately.

Later that day at school, Nagatoro reminds Naoto that Christmas is the day of love and people confess their feelings to their loved ones. Interestingly, Naoto mocks her by claiming that only loneliness and pathetic await her. But he already has a gift for her in the bag and even contemplates giving it to Nagatoro as soon as possible. Unluckily, Maki, Sakura, and Yoshi stop the two of them to discuss Christmas plans. They reveal that the three of them will be going to karaoke since they don’t have a boyfriend.

When they ask Naoto if he is willing to join them, he makes the excuse that he has left something in the clubroom and runs away. Nagatoro realizes that this is her opportunity as well and runs away with him. They are about to exchange gifts in the clubroom but Sana suddenly shows up without clothes claiming that she wants to remember her last days there. Naturally, the duo immediately runs away but an announcement is soon made that school hours are now over and the students should go back to their homes. Naoto and Nagatoro are desperately looking for a quiet place and eventually go to the terrace.

Sadly, the place is filled with couples, so they decide to just give each other the gifts they bought. It turns out that both of them have bought scarves for each other. Later that evening at home, Naoto receives a phone call from Nagatoro who enquires him about her new year plans. She casually drops the idea of going to the Ishido shrine in their conversation. Since he has nothing else to do, Naoto visits the shrine and meets Nagatoro there. The two spend some time together but Nagatoro has to leave soon since she is the shrine maiden for that day.

Does Naoto Ask Nagatoro Out?

As Nagatoro is getting bored with her shrine maiden responsibilities, she is shocked to see Naoto in line. When her senpai eventually reaches the front counter, he asks for an amulet and appears to be struggling with his thoughts. Before he walks away, Naoto tells Nagatoro that he will be waiting for her. While Nagatoro is shocked, her senpai feels that she would call him a stalker for hanging around the shrine only for her. Interestingly, the titular protagonist uses this chance to tease her senpai before telling her that she will be with him in twenty minutes.

When the duo meets again, they walk with each other until Naoto learns that he is actually at a match-making shrine. Nagatoro then embarrasses her senpai by asking if he would pray at the shrine to become her boyfriend. Although he tells her that this is not true, she continues to tease him until he gets irritated. Naoto eventually tells Nagatoro that if he hypothetically wanted her to go out with him, he would never rely on a deity and instead work his best.

This just gives the latter even more chances to continue to tease him even more. After they have prayed at the shrine, Nagatoro inquires what Naoto asked for. It turns out that her senpai just wished for the peace and well-being of his family. When Nagatoro is asked the same questions, she teases Naoto by saying that he prayed to become his wife. This naturally shocks Naoto while the titular protagonist just uses the opportunity to tease him more.

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