Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Don’t You Miss Me, Senpai?

In the eleventh episode of ‘Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro’ season 2 or ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack,’ titled ‘Don’t You Miss Me, Senpai?’ Hana Sunomiya advises Naoto to not ignore his true feelings and allow himself to grab the love he knows he wants desperately. Later that evening, she tells Sana about the current situation, who also tells Hachiouji to follow his heart. Although he is confused by everything, Naoto appears to value the advice given to him by the Sunomiya siblings.

Hans and Sana Advice Naoto to Follow His Heart

After learning about the strange relationship shared by Naoto and Hayase, Hana feels that the duo needs to follow their heart. She advises Naoto that he should take Nagatoro out for a date since she feels that love is something that people should chase and grab before it’s too late. But despite Hana’s advice, Naoto is still unsure and argues that Hayase will probably not want to go out with him. After listening to his arguments, Hana too appears to have doubts and confesses that she does not have answers to his many questions as she has not known love herself.

As the two of them get out of school, they are a bit surprised to learn that they spent too much time in the club room as it is already evening at this point. When Naoto enquires how she plans to go back to her house, Sana pulls up on the street on her bike. Since Hachiouji knows her really closely, he feels that it would be better if she does not get to know about the current situation as she would only complicate things. Unfortunately for him, Hana tells her everything. Sana is quick to advise Naoto that he must follow his heart. He has already been confused after his conversation with Hana, but listening to Sana makes things seem even more complicated.

He just walks next to the judo training center on the school premise and decides to wait for Hayase to arrive. But just moments later, Nagatoro who is about to run past him notices him. She then teases Naoto by asking if he was waiting for her there- something Hachiouji refuses to accept even though it’s true. As the two of them walk back home together, Naoto asks Nagatoro where she would like to go on her day off. Unfortunately for him, she completely misses the point of the questions and goes on a tangent about the places she desires to visit on the planet.

Where Does Naoto Take Nagatoro For Their Date? Why Do His School Friends Follow Him?

After all of Naoto’s suggestions appear unappealing to Nagatoro, everything appears to be slipping from his hands. Hayase then takes a different road to her house, leaving Hachiouji with his inner turmoil and regrets. But he does not give up and continues to wonder where he could take Nagatoro for a date. He suddenly comes across a penguin drawing and that’s when everything falls into place immediately. He rushes back to catch up to Hayase and calls her name. Naoto then tells her that he wants to take her to the aquarium for a date.

After the initial miscommunication, the two of them then agree to go there on the next break. However, they do not realize that Yoshi and Maki have been observing them from a distance and have some plans of their own. The following day at school, the two friends notice that Hayase has been acting all weird. She would be singing and dancing one moment and then suddenly get lost in her own thoughts. When they try to ask her about her plans, Nagatoro gives them a smile. Although Yoshi does not find it suspicious, Maki feels that Hayase is planning to take Naoto’s virginity.

Meanwhile, Naoto is having doubts of his own and shares them with Sunomiya. Maki and Yoshi rush to the Art Room to warn him, but by that time he has already left to buy supplies. From their conversation, Sunomiya feels that they may get in Nagatoro and Naoto’s way. Therefore, on the day of the aquarium date, Sunomiya follows Naoto and Nagatoro with her sister just like Maki and Yoshi.

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