Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Why Don’t You Come Inside, Senpai?

In the fourth episode of ‘Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro’ season 2 or ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack’ titled ‘Why Don’t You Come Inside, Senpai-kun?’ Naoto meets Nagatoro’s older sister Misaki and spends some time with her before his friend finally wakes up. Since Misaki continues to embarrass her sister, Nagatoro eventually takes Naoto to her room. After talking briefly, the two of them start playing video games and that’s when Nagatoro comes up with an interesting idea.

Naoto Meets Misaki

Since Nagatoro is not well, Naoto visits her home to check up on her and give her some assignments. When he rings the doorbell, no one shows up which worries him. Naoto decides to peek inside the house through the window and that’s when Nagatoro’s older sister Misaki catches him red-handed. She takes his photo and threatens to inform the police but Naoto manages to explain to her that he is from school just in the nick of time.

After learning that Naoto is actually Nagatoro’s senpai about whom she has heard so much all these months, Misaki immediately invites her in excited to learn more about him. She serves her tea and notices that he seems quite interested in her sister’s awards and photos in the hall. Misaki enquires if he is curious to learn more about her but Naoto says no, naturally embarrassed to admit the truth. He recalls how he has only cared about art all his life and was content with himself as long as he got to draw.

But that changed after Naoto met Nagatoro. Misaki tries to tease Naoto by telling him that she was going to reveal all kinds of things about her sister. As she puts more pressure on him, Naoto eventually agrees that he is sort of interested in learning more things about Nagatoro. But before the two of them can discuss this further, Nagatoro comes to the hall in her still quiet sleepy and asks Misaki about the pudding she wanted her to buy from the market. When she notices Naoto, she immediately runs away yelling that he should have called or texted her first before visiting.

After wearing something more presentable, Nagatoro returns to the hall obviously not in a good mood. But Misaki knows how to make her sister happy and serves her the pudding she wished to eat all this time. But when she suggests talking more about her sister, Nagatoro takes Naoto to her room. After they eat the pudding, the two of them start playing video games. Naoto notices that Nagatoro has improved her game but is quite shocked when she manages to defeat him.

What Secret Does Naoto Wish to Learn About Nagatoro?

Before the second game begins, Nagatoro decides to make things more interesting. She tells him that she will reveal one of his secrets if he manages to defeat him. Although Naoto is interested, he acts as if he does not really wish to learn anything about her personal life and argues that she does not really have any big secrets. But then he also adds that he will play along just for her. This gets Nagatoro excited who teases him by asking what he would want to learn. She looks at him and then says if he is interested in knowing her cup or hip size.

Her persistent teasing naturally makes Naoto nervous who tries to focus on the game. However, he eventually tells her that he is more interested in knowing her first name. Nagatoro suddenly realizes that she has never told him that and deliberately loses the game. But just when she is about to reveal her name, Naoto stops her and argues that it does not feel right to get to know her name this way. He tells Nagatoro that he will directly approach her when he will want to learn more about her.

While the two of them are busy talking, Misaki barges in with a photo album. Sadly for the duo, she calls Nagatoro by her first name which is Hayase, and ruins the moment. She then proceeds to reveal some of Hayase’s embarrassing childhood secrets while her sister protests, without much success. Sometime later that evening, Hayase thanks Naoto for visiting, and the two say goodbye to each other. While on his way home, Naoto says her friend’s forename for the first time.

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