Doom Patrol Season 4 Finale: What Happens to Larry and 104? Do They Die?

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Max’s ‘Doom Patrol’ comes to an end with its fourth and final season, sending its characters off with a satisfying ending. The last season focused on the rise of Immortus alongside the looming threat of the Butts, both of which attack the Doom Patrol together at the beginning of the final episode. Staying in character, the show deals with the superhero group’s problem in an unexpected way, leaving some things on unsure terms but tying up all loose ends, one way or another. SPOILERS AHEAD

Doom Patrol Season 4 “Done Patrol” Recap

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In the last episode, the Doom Patrol was caught in the Time Stream but came out of it, only to be cornered by an angry Immortus and a horde of Butts. Despite the lack of their longevity, they decide to fight both battles at once, and Jane’s sudden control of all her powers helps turn the tide in their favor. But Immortus is too strong, and the Butts are too many. Eventually, the team realizes that their only way out of this situation is to comply with what the Butts and Immortus want, and that is, apparently, to sing along with them.

Happy with everyone singing along with her, Immortus’ powers take hold, and she disappears with the Butts and the entire building. The Doom Patrol rejoice over their victory, how they saved the world yet again, but are shocked to find Immortus on their door the next day. It turns out that the disappearance was just Immortus and the Butts going into the Time Stream.

The Immortus visiting them is from ten years in the future, revealing that she and the Butts are the talk of the town now. They have a great time, writing plays and songs together, and are already a massive hit on Broadway. She is happy with Doom Patrol for introducing her to the Butts, and to show her gratitude, she gives them her toenails. If they eat it, they will get their longevity back, which is what they wanted to begin with.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Ending: Larry and 104 Get an Unconventional Happy Ending

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When the Doom Patrol gets their longevity back, it leaves them more confused than ever. Before Rita can get hers, she dies, and her ghost expresses her desire to stay dead. She also believes that this is the best time to disband the group because all the troubles that they’ve managed to resolve over the years came out of their actions in the first place. She believes it’s time they go on to live their individual lives and, hopefully, find the happiness and purpose that eluded them for so long.

With their leader gone, the team realizes that she is right. Vic leaves to start the journey that will lead him to the future he saw in the Time Stream. Rouge decides to end the Ant Farm; Cliff leaves to be with his family; and later, Jane, too, finds a new purpose with Casey. Larry and Keeg find something similar.

Rita’s loss hits Larry the hardest because she was the only one who really understood him. With the team disbanded, he feels utterly alone. Even though he has his longevity now, which means he will be around to take care of Keeg, he doesn’t have anything to focus on. He wants to be with 104, but that’s a bit tricky now because he has chosen his own ending.

In a previous episode, Rama left for India, seeking his origins in Tamil Nadu. His powers had been going out of hand, and he feared being disintegrated at any moment. Before losing complete control of his powers, he wanted to get in touch with his roots. But the trip to India was more than that. The disintegrating powers meant that Rama couldn’t survive for long. So, after visiting his place of origin, he planned to jump into the Bay of Bengal, turn himself into lead while he was still in control of his powers, and await his death, with the satisfaction that it wouldn’t be hazardous to anyone around him.

Image Credit: Zac Popik/Max

In the end, Larry decides to go after him. In the previous episode, when he was in the Time Stream and met Negative Spirit in the past, he was told that he was still scared in the future, and this kept him from doing so many things in his life. At the time, Larry’s only concern was to find a home for Keeg so that when Larry was dead, his son be taken care of. Negative Spirit assures Larry that Keeg is more powerful than he imagines and reveals that the future he and Keeg feared wasn’t an end but a beginning, a new life.

In the first episode of the season, Keeg discovered from his future version that he would fly Larry into the sun to save the world. At the time, they didn’t have a complete picture of the situation, and considering how it turns out eventually, it is fair to assume that Keeg may have taken things out of context. When Larry finally understands what it means, he leaves behind his fears and finds 104, who has taken the form of lead at the bottom of the Bay of Bengal.

Keeg flies Larry and Rama to space, away from the Earth. Larry removes his bandages because there is no fear of his radiation here. A surprised Rama comes back to his original form and doesn’t understand what’s happening. Larry says that they don’t have anything to worry about because Keeg’s got them. Then, Keeg does what he’d seen in the future. He engulfs Larry and Rama inside him, and together, they become the sun, which is what Negative Spirit meant when he said that it would be a new beginning for them.

This way, Keeg and Larry will be together forever, and Larry won’t have to worry about irradiating people. Rama doesn’t have to worry about disintegrating anymore as he, like Larry, would become a part of Keeg. The three of them would turn into one unit, becoming the sun, the source of new life, rather than dying away from each other.

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