Doom Patrol: Are Torminox and Wally Dead?

Max’s superhero series, ‘Doom Patrol, ’ inches towards the end of its story as the titular team prepares to face their worst enemy yet: Immortus. The second half of the fourth and final season begins with Wally Sage succeeding in getting the longevity of all the Doom Patrol members and waking Immortus, the cosmic, all-powerful being who’d been sleeping all this while. Wally believed that Immortus would change the world and he would be there to witness it all, but things don’t turn out so well for him, and at the beginning of the eighth episode, we see him and Torminox dead. Are they really gone? What happened to them? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

How did Wally Sage and Torminox Die?

While Wally Sage orchestrated the return of Immortus, he didn’t really know what it would mean. The supervillain has been asleep for a very long time, and no one actually knows what he looks like and what his arrival would mean for the world. Everyone, like Wally, believes that Immortus’ reality-altering ability allows him to reshape the world in a way that will make all this trouble worthwhile for his followers.

At the end of the seventh episode, when Cliff gives up his longevity to have a future with his daughter and grandkid, Wally has everything he needs to bring Immortus out of the cage. With Dr. Janus and Torminox chanting in the background, the cage opens, and Isabel Feathers walks out. Before anyone can understand what’s happened, she lets out a terrible scream, which destroys everything around her.

Doom Patrol, Deric, Dorothy, and Casey are saved by the bubbles Deric creates right before Isabel screams, protecting them from its impact. However, Wally, Torminox, and Dr. Janus don’t have that protection. The scream is so powerful that it blows apart the pocket dimension of Orqwith. Despite being powerful supervillains, Wally and Torminox are not equipped to handle this kind of situation. When the dust settles, the people inside the bubbles are the only ones to survive. Wally and Torminox are dead, confirmed by Casey, who is seen sitting next to their dead bodies when Dorothy finds her.

While the death of the villains would be considered good news for the heroes, Casey is saddened to see both Wally and Torminox gone. Casey was just a comic book character before she was pulled into the real world when Wally brought Torminox out of the pages into reality to get Dorothy’s necklace, which previously belonged to her father, Niles Caulder. In the comic books, Casey and Torminox were continually at odds. Her only motive was to kill him, and he would come back every time, putting them both in a circle of life and death.

When Torminox and Casey came into the real world, things changed. He realized he was more than just a villain and wanted a life with his family before becoming a monster. Casey also realizes that her father is not entirely evil and wants him to return to the way he was so that they can be a family again. She believes that their creator, Wally, is the only person who can turn Torminox back to his previous self and make him a good person. She and Dorothy leave Danny the Street in search of him, which is why it is such a disappointment for Casey that both Wally and Torminox are dead.

When Dorothy and Casey leave Orqwith with the Doom Patrol and a newly returned Isabel Feathers, Casey talks about feeling heartbroken over her father’s and their creator’s deaths. She came to Cloverton hoping to change her story, but now, the only person who mattered to her and the only one who could change things for her is gone. Or, so she thinks. Considering that Immortus has been woken up and can rewrite reality, there is a chance that he may bring back Wally or Torminox, or both. It remains to be seen what he wants and how he’ll go about it, but there is a chance that some time-traveling and changing of the past might happen, which keeps the window open for the return of Wally and Torminox.

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