Dopesick Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

As ‘Dopesick‘ nears its finish line, Purdue Pharma begins to find itself in more and more trouble. Bridget has built a seemingly airtight case against the company, and the FDA is considering revoking the unique label assigned to OxyContin. However, Richard manages to outmaneuver his opposers and continues to formulate plans for increasing OxyContin sales.

In stark contrast, the situation for ordinary people worsens as they fail to get proper medical help to deal with their addiction. There are other important developments that will certainly change the narrative’s trajectory. Here’s everything that happens in ‘Dopesick’ episode 7, including some insights about the ending. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Dopesick Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode of ‘Dopesick’ — titled ‘Blackbox Warning’ — opens with a flashback to 1962, where Arthur Sackler faces a congressional hearing for allegations of misbranding and marketing of his company’s drugs. Moving forward to 2001, Dr. Finnix continues his recovery and is seeing a therapist. He considers getting his medical license back, but his Methadone treatment proves to be a hindrance. Finnix later switches to a new drug Suboxone. Betsy continues to struggle with addiction, and Finnix suggests her Suboxone.

The FDA considers changing the label on OxyContin, and the higher-ups at Purdue Pharma begin to panic. They try to find a way of circumnavigating the “black-box” warning that the FDA is going to hand OxyContin. Although the FDA assigns the black-box warning label — which indicates the drug has a higher threat level — Purdue bends the words to their will and continues to push their medicine into the market.

Meanwhile, Billy grows upset with Purdue’s greed and considers quitting the job. He steals an educational tape from his boss’ office that will prove that the company told its sales reps to push the drugs onto the doctors despite being aware of OxyContin’s dangers. Bridget’s case against Purdue suffers a major blow when she fails to get the FDA’s backing.

Mountcastle and Ramseyer deduce that three of Purdue’s high-level executives were aware of the drug’s potency long before 2000, contrary to their congressional testimony claims. DA John Brownlee prepares to present their case to the Department of Justice. Despite warnings that his felony charges against Udell, Friedman, and Wright will fail to gain traction in the courtroom, Brownlee announces the trio’s indictment.

Dopesick Episode 7 Ending: Is Betsy Dead?

In the episode, we see Betsy is trying to overcome her addiction, but the results aren’t great. Her family is distraught, but a ray of hope comes in the form of Finnix, who offers to help Betsy. Finnix feels guilty for prescribing OxyContin to Betsy and starting her downfall. Towards the episode’s end, Betsy agrees to visit the clinic with Finnix and start her Suboxone treatment. However, on the night before, she calls her ex, Grace, and asks for a second chance. However, Grace has moved on, and it breaks Betsy’s heart. Betsy then seeks comfort in drugs — a pattern we have seen her repeat continuously.

She claims it will be her last time, one last high before she begins her treatment. It indeed proves to be her last time as Betsy dies from an overdose. Betsy’s mother breaks the news to Finnix. Ultimately, Betsy is unable to climb out of the rabbit hole of addiction. Although the problems in her personal life contribute to Betsy seeking comfort in drugs, there is no contesting that her initial OxyContin treatment began her slow journey towards her tragic demise. Betsy’s death is likely to force Finnix to speak up against Purdue.

How Does Bridget’s Case Fail?

Since the first episode, the show has been building towards Bridget’s efforts of bringing Purdue to justice ending in a disastrous way. Her tough-tackling and aggressive approach are necessary for her to shake Purdue, hiding comfortably behind a curtain of lies. In the sixth episode, Bridget makes a major breakthrough as she obtains evidence proving that OxyContin is dangerous even when prescribed.

However, in the end, Bridget’s aggressive nature paves the way for her undoing. Bridget sets up a meeting with Purdue executives and the FDA but does not share her complete report with them in advance. Her plan to catch Purdue off-guard backfires as it allows the company to deflect the charges by claiming that her report is inconclusive. The FDA sides with Purdue, and Bridget fails in her mission. It remains to be seen whether Brownlee, Mountcastle, and Ramseyer manage to avoid the same mistakes as Bridget.

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