Dr. Heavenly Kimes: Married to Medicine Star is Balancing Family and Fame

‘Married to Medicine’ zeroes in the lives of several women based in the medical community of Atlanta. From medical practitioners to spouses of practising doctors, the reality television series chronicles women’s journey as they try to balance their lives, careers, and social circles. With schedules filled to the brim, the women find themselves encountering one issue after another. The series has continued to garner acclaim since its inception in 2013. The second instalment of the Bravo show introduced Dr. Heavenly Kimes, a dentist whose personal and professional life also became a pivotal storyline. Given her appearance on the show, fans have been curious to know more about her husband and personal life.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes Met Her Husband at College

With a steadfast resolve and unbridled ambition, Dr. Heavenly Kimes laid the path for her career early on. Her road to success began at Florida A&M University and Meharry Medical College in Tennessee. While securing her education was Heavenly’s top priority, the television personality also chanced upon the love of her life during this time. Heavenly met her husband, Damon, when they were students at medical school. Their first meeting was like any other movie. In an interview with Essence, Heavenly recalled, “He was leaving class early, and I was coming to class late. It was love at first sight.’ Their fated meeting soon became the start of something new.

It wasn’t long before their immediate attraction evolved into something more. As the two gravitated toward one another even more, they decided to kickstart their journey as partners. Just three years after they first met, Damon and Heavenly tied the knot. The duo got married to each other on August 16, 1997. Almost three decades later, their love for each other has continued to evolve and given way to a marvelous partnership. From catering to their family to becoming a supportive partner for each other, the couple continues to embark on new challenges.

Based in Conyers, Georgia, Heavenly and Damon haven’t just grown as a couple. The years of hard work they have put together has culminated in professional success as well. While their appearance on reality television has earned them renown far and wide, they are also entrepreneurs. Over the years, they’ve expanded their portfolio as medical practitioners and individuals. Heavenly alone is the proud owner of four medical practices. She is also a radio host and author. Given their streak of success as partners, it is only natural that great things lie ahead for them.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes Has a Happy Family

In addition to sharing respect and admiration for each other as partners and medical professionals, Heavenly and Damon also share the responsibilities and parental duties of their children – Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura. Albeit grown up and in college, Heavenly and Damon take great care to become an active part of their children’s lives. The family share a tight-knit bond. Since her eldest son and husband share the same name, the dentist often refers to her spouse as “Daddy” too.

Most recently, the television personality sent her youngest daughter off to college. Alaura has headed to the same path as her mother and enrolled in her alma mater. Even though Heavenly and Damon largely like to keep their children out of the spotlight, the duo, time and again, share a few snippets of their children and their success. The couple’s second eldest, Zachary, recently secured his real estate license while also pursuing a pre-med degree in college.

Not just this, the couple’s youngest has even launched an eyewear line in the past. Under the banner of AK Eyewear, Alaura launched a streak of eyewear glasses in a variety of shades. In August, Heavenly took to her Instagram account to talk about her daughter’s enrollment into college. The ‘Married to Medicine’ personality wrote, “I am proud to announce that my baby girl (Alaura) will be following in my footsteps and be spending the next four years at my Alma Mater THEE #1 Public HBCU: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Given the beaming pride that Heavenly and Damon feel for their children, it is apparent that several great things still await them.

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