Where Was Married to Medicine: Los Angeles Shot?

‘Married to Medicine: Los Angeles’ is a reality show on BravoTV. It is a spinoff of the well-loved ‘Married to Medicine’ franchise. As the title suggests, the show chronicles the lives of individuals who are intrinsically tied to the field of medicine. We follow a group of women who are either doctors, themselves, or married to doctors. Since the spinoff is based on Los Angeles women, you might be wondering whether the reality show has been filmed on location. We have all the details right here.

Married to Medicine: Los Angeles Filming Locations:

The title makes it abundantly clear that the spinoff is situated in Los Angeles. Accordingly, a chunk of filming has taken place here. You can check out a post from one of the cast members about the show below.


The ladies make sure they hit some of the best spots in town, where their antics and interactions are filmed for the reality show. Among the places that the members of ‘Married to Medicine: Los Angeles’ like to hit up is the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel at 11461 Sunset Blvd. You can check out a picture of the ladies having a good time there.

Scenes have also been filmed at the French Quarter and Top of the World, in Los Angeles. Check out some images of the castmembers having a blast at these locations.

Apart from Los Angeles, filming has also taken place in sunny Malibu, California. You can check out a picture of the ladies having a good time outside.


From the image below, it appears that certain scenes were also filmed at Mastro’s Ocean Club at 18412 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

Filming has taken place in other parts of California too. In the images below, you can see the women enjoying by the poolside in Palm Springs, California, and having fun during Halloween in Culver City.


Although most of the show is filmed in and around Los Angeles, sometimes the members travel to other places for work or pleasure. ‘Married to Medicine: Los Angeles’ has also been filmed at Palm Coast, Florida. You can check out the post of a castmember enjoying the Florida sun, below.

The friends also seem to have taken a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, as the post suggests.

The women on ‘Married to Medicine’ are not all work and no play. It appears that sometimes even doctors need to take a break, and we see some parts of their vacations being filmed. As you can see below, two castmembers managed to get away to Cancun, Mexico, where they soaked up the sea and the sun, at the Moon Palace.


To conclude, it is evident that ‘Married to Medicine: Los Angeles’ has filmed primarily on location, but often follows the members to different parts of the country, and even the world. Ultimately, the producers work hard to capture the interactions and emotions of the members within a short span, so that the series remains emotive and impactful.

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