Dr. Jackie Walters: Married to Medicine Star’s Resilience Through Marital Struggles

‘Married to Medicine’ revolves around the lives of the women of Atlanta’s medical community. From working as medical practitioners to spouses of doctors, the group of women try to balance the social and professional aspects of their lives one step at a time. Having made its debut in 2013, the series has continued to garner recognition. Jackie Walters is one of the women whose medical expertise and ability to balance other aspects of life has entertained fans since the inception of the series. Even though reality television offers a peak into the life of the medical professional, fans have continued to wonder more about her life and husband.

Dr. Jackie Walters Has Embraced Challenges Time and Again

Choosing to find the good in the worst, OB-GYN Jackie Walters has, time and again, overcome hurdles in her personal and professional life. The television personality met her husband, Curtis Walters, more than two decades ago. Having found an irrevocable attraction towards one another, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2002. However, their foray into forevermore wasn’t without its share of ups and downs. Over the years, Jackie and Curtis have had to map the differences in their relationship and personal life.

Unlike his wife, Curtis had achieved success in another field. Once an NBA player, Curtis later took up the position of a high school basketball coach. However, misfortune struck their family in 2004 when Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Gratefully, the cancer was caught at Stage 1, and the television personality managed to beat Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. Alas, when Jackie and Curtis thought that they had put the worst behind them, she was diagnosed with breast cancer once again in 2008. Nevertheless, she didn’t relent to her disease and fought it tooth and nail.

Despite these cumbersome issues, Jackie and Curtis maintained their love for one another and remained steadfast in their resolve to grow. However, the worst came to the fore when news about Curtis’ infidelity came out in 2017. This didn’t just become a significant hurdle in their relationship but also threatened to erase the foundation of their love. Jackie and Curtis were on the brink of divorce when news of the basketball player’s affair broke out. Later, Jackie opened up on ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ and revealed that she received the news while she was seeing a patient. In the interview with Kandi Burruss, she admitted, “Initially for me, I felt homicidal…You’re traumatized initially but I think as a professional, you got to keep doin’ what you got to do.”

The couple’s issues once again came under the spotlight when they returned for season 5 of ‘Married to Medicine.’ Throughout their time on the show, it became apparent that Jackie was not going to let the issues of her relationship get in the way of her well-being. Despite encountering a significant curveball, Jackie and Curtis managed to work things out. Later, the gynecologist confirmed on Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ that she and Curtis had since reconciled. A year later, the television personality clarified that she and her husband worked on their issues and now remain stronger than ever.

Dr. Jackie Walter Has a Happy Family

In addition to sharing a loving relationship, Jackie and Curtis have also hoped to bring children into the world. In 2004, the duo’s wishes were going to come true. Just two years into their marriage, Jackie and Curtis found out that they were pregnant. Alas, their ecstatic journey was cut short when the television personality was diagnosed with cancer. Six months into her pregnancy, Jackie ended up miscarrying due to chemotherapy for her treatment. While she managed to recover from the throes of a life-threatening disease, she also had issues facing the aftermath. Having been left with fertility issues, the medical practitioner realized that she couldn’t conceive moving forward.

Nevertheless, the couple continues to embrace every new opportunity life has to offer. Besides sharing exciting roles in their professional lives, Curtis and Jackie are also immersed in the life of Curtis’ daughter, Kursten. Having been born to Curtis from a previous marriage, the former athlete has remained involved in his daugjter’s life. Similarly, Jackie has also maintained a tight bond with her husband’s daughter. Naturally, we await all the milestones that lay ahead for their little unit!

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