Is Drew Scott Married? Does He Have Children?

Drew Scott is a widely known real-estate broker, actor, and entrepreneur. He features in various home renovation reality shows and helps families find their perfect home. The HGTV star has always been in the limelight for the right reasons as he works hard to establish and maintain his empire. In addition to being a realtor, he co-owns Scott Brothers Entertainment, a multifaceted award-winning production company. So, it is natural for fans to wonder how a man of such diverse accomplishments met the love of his life. Well, let’s find out!

Drew Scott’s Early Life

Andrew Alfred, famously known as Drew Scott, was born in a financially mediocre family on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He often expresses how close he is to his two brothers, Jonathan and James Daniel (JD), and credits his success and achievements to his parents – Jim and Joanna Scott. During his college days, Drew was a great volleyball and basketball player. After a string of injuries, he had to quit the sport and enroll in a real estate program.

He became a licensed realtor in 2004 and established Scott Real Estate Inc. with his twin, Jonathan. The company flourished within a few years but Drew yearned to get back to his true passion – acting. He tried a couple of methods to strike a balance between his heart’s calling and business responsibilities but in vain. Eventually, HGTV gave him an opportunity to combine his skill set and the burning desire to be a star. Drew became a reality TV star since the first episode of ‘Property Brothers’ as the show amassed immense popularity. While he came closer to his dream, he also attained the support of his lady. But who is she? And are they married?

Drew Scott’s Wife

In 2010, Drew saw the beautiful Linda Phan at Toronto Fashion Week and fell in love with her at first sight. She was wearing a “fashion police” attire and handing out tickets to every ill-clad person in the room. As cliche as it sounds, the two have been crazy for each other ever since.

Almost a decade-long companionship cannot be put under scrutiny, especially when both the partners are sincerely committed to each other. Their first date story is an interesting one: the evening was supposed to wrap up with “sushi and hot chocolate,” but the two did not want it to end so soon. So they spent the rest of the night singing at a karaoke party.

The most beautiful aspect of the couple has been their surety for each other since the beginning. Thus, they never felt the need to rush into anything and steadily took one step at a time in their relationship. In 2014, Linda and Drew moved in together at the twin brothers’ Las Vegas property, but they hardly spent time inside the house.

As the creative director of the Scott brother’s media company, Linda frequently traveled to various parts of the world to take care of the company’s digital content, merchandise lines, and marketing campaigns, to name a few. After dating and hanging around for six years, Drew proposed her for marriage in 2016. They enjoyed courtship for almost two years, and on May 12, 2018, Linda walked down the aisle in a stunning Italian wedding, which was taped for a TLC special titled ‘Linda and Drew Say I Do.’

Drew Scott’s Kids

Well, the couple doesn’t have a child yet, but they seem ready for parenthood. A year before becoming Mr. and Mrs. Scott, they moved to Hancock Park, Los Angeles, intending to have their future children there. The renovation and remodeling was the premise of a brand new show titled ‘Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House.’ Self-proclaimed “workaholics,” fans of the couple regularly see them venturing into new projects together.

But the two have always missed some cozy, alone-time. Gladly, they got the golden opportunity to spend uninterrupted months with each other during the quarantine. Lately, Linda and Drew have been planning to extend their family, and the adorable couple cannot wait to shower all their love on their first-born. Well, we are sure they are going to be amazing parents!

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