Ducky and Dom: Deane’s Dynasty Couple Are Happy Together

Max’s ‘Deane’s Dynasty’ has quickly become a fan favorite among those who are always eager to learn what they can about Thailand’s entertainment industry. While the reality show primarily revolves around the lives of Lydia and Matthew Deane, there are several other people in their sphere of influence who have also piqued the interest of the audience. This includes Ducky Visutthithada and Dominic “Dom” Baiamonte, Lydia’s sister and brother-in-law, who have easily carved a place of their own in the hearts of the viewers. Given their time in season 1, many have been eager to explore what the two are up to these days.

Ducky and Dom’s Deane’s Dynasty Journey

Ducky Visutthithada and Dom Baiamonte first met each other in college, which marked the start of their relationship. Though Dom is an American citizen, as season 1 of the Max series rolled around, he had started living in Thailand. Indeed, the two were seen to be enjoying the marital bliss and often made each other laugh, with Ducky’s happiness being more than evident to those around her. That said, the two did often find themselves in the midst of family drama, like the one between Lydia Deane and Dunk Visutthithada.

In season 1 of the Max series, we also get to see how the mother of the Visutthithada siblings is quite adamant about having more grandchildren. Given that, at the time, Ducky and Dom were still to become parents, the pressure on the former was undoubtedly immense. That said, the couple did go to a fertility clinic alongside others to get their tests done. At that time, it seemed like Dom’s sperm might not be in the ideal expected condition, leading the experts to ask Dom to try once again shortly after.

After Dom’s apparent second visit to the fertility clinic, the couple got the results indicating that, at the time, Dom’s sperm was not behaving in the most healthy manner. This meant that the chances of them getting pregnant at the time were slim. Though slightly disappointed, the couple also looked at the decision pragmatically and decided that they wanted to move to a house downtown and give up their current home for rent. According to the married duo, their present home was too big for a family of two, and they wanted a more compact and accessible place. However, this decision was not to be taken lightly since Ducky’s mother had been the leading force behind the couple living where they were at the time, and the daughter was unsure how to broach the subject with her.

Ducky and Dom’s plans to rent out their place had proceeded to an extent where the two had already started to consult with a realtor friend of theirs. What the two did not account for it is the unpredictable nature of life. Not long afterward, on the very day that Matthew Deane was set to start his monkhood, Ducky and Dom revealed that they were pregnant. The news was welcomed by many of their family members, though the couple acknowledged that plans of moving out of their current house had come to a sure stop.

Are Ducky and Dom Still Married?

Yes, Ducky Visutthithada and Dom Baiamonte are indeed still together and seem to be living their best life. The couple is quite happy with each other and will celebrate their third marriage anniversary on March 27, 2024. In November 2022, Ducky publically disclosed the happy news that the couple was pregnant with their first child via an Instagram post. “Over the moon to announce that.. we’re having a baby! Double D’s are becoming Triple D’s,” she shared.

In April 2023, Ducky and Dom became parents to Dustin. The beautiful baby boy has brought much joy to the life of his parents, who did not share many pictures of him on social media prior to the huge milestone of completing six months in the world. In a shared Instagram post, they showcased one picture for every month that Dylan had completed, with the caption, “Happy 6 months to our little baby Dustin!” We are sure that the development must have left both Ducky and Dom quite happy, especially given their time during the production of season 1 of the Max show.

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