Duran Duran: Where Are the Former Members Now?

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Directed by Ridoyanul Hoq, Gavin Elder, Vincent Adam Paul, and George Scott, ‘Duran Duran: A Hollywood High’ is a Paramount+ documentary film that follows the various members of the beloved rock band Duran Duran, who recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. The rooftop concert held in Los Angeles, California, is featured significantly in the film, though we also get to learn about some of the past members of this highly talented musical group. If you are also curious about the current whereabouts of those once affiliated with Duran Duran, worry not because we have your back!

Where is Warren Cuccurullo Now?

Having been a part of Duran Duran for nearly 15 years, Warren Cuccurullo is a celebrated artist in the world of rock music who still has a respectable fanbase. In November 2022, the musician was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside many of his former bandmates. Warren is still active in music, with his tracks available on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. He is also one of the owners of Via Veneto restaurant in Santa Monica, California. As of writing, it seems like Warren is primarily focused on film score compositions. Moreover, the artist is a father to Mayko Cuccurullo, his adopted son whose mother is his former partner, Claudia Bueno.

Where is Andy Taylor Now?

Andrew “Andy” Taylor was once a guitarist for Duran Duran, and he went on to work with musicians like Power Station and Robert Palmer. As of writing, he is one of the owners of RockAffairs in the United Kingdom. Like his former bandmate, Andy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022 but could not attend the event to celebrate the same due to his health. “Just over four years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer,” he shared in a letter meant for his fans.

Though Andy reassured everyone that his condition was not life-threatening, he also revealed that no cure had been found for the same. Based in Ibiza, Spain, he is enjoying life to the best of his abilities in the company of his wife, Tracey, to whom he has been married for over four decades. Andy is also a proud father of four children, Andy, Georgie, Bethy, and Izzy, and has a grandson named Albie. The artist is still active as a musician and even launched his latest single, “Man’s A Wolf To Man,” in October 2022.

Where is Stephen Duffy Now?

Let’s now talk about Stephen Duffy, one of the founding members of Duran Duran, who went on to be a part of Tin Tin and even launched music under the name Dr. Calculus mdma. His other notable affiliations include his work with The Subterranean Hawks, The Lilac Time, and The Devils. In addition, Stephen has launched some fantastic tracks as a solo artist and is known for his skills in the field. As of writing, he is happily married to Claire Worrall, AKA Claire Duffy, who became a part of The Lilac Time after the group was reformed.

Where is Simon Colley Now?

With his skills in clarinet and bass, Simon Colley became a part of Duran Duran during its formative years. However, in April 1979, he left the group alongside Duffy to form Obviously Five Believers/The Subterranean Hawks. The artist remained active in music until the early 2000s but has seemingly since retired. Interestingly, Colley was not just proficient on instruments and has even worked as a vocalist for a project or two. Though he is not very active on social media, we hope the talented musician is having the time of his life.

Where is Andy Wickett Now?

Once a part of TV Eye, Andy Wickett joined Duran Duran in the late 1970s but left the group in 1979. He then became a part of The Xpertz, followed by his involvement in World Service. As of writing, Wickett is still a part of World Service and has continued to work in the music industry. From live performances to new tracks, nothing is off the table for this artist.

Where is Alan Curtis Now?

As a talented guitarist, Alan Curtis became famous for his work with London Pride, soon becoming a part of Duran Duran in 1979. However, he left the latter in early 1980 due to the group’s association with the nightclub Rum Runner. Alan moved back to London, England, and partnered up with XYZ to form Dif Juz in association with Dave Curtis (his brother) and Richard Thomas, his former bandmates from London Pride, but the group became inactive after 1986. Since then, Alan does not seem to be a very active part of the music industry, but we are hopeful he is thriving in his chosen path.

Where is Jeff Thomas Now?

Jeff Thomas was inducted into Duran Duran after Andy Wickett’s exit. He was previously a vocalist for The Scent Organs and a friend of Roger Taylor. However, after the group became a Rum Runner resident band, Alan Curtis left the team. Around this time, Paul and Michael Berrow, the owners of Rum Runner, became the band’s managers. The frequent disagreements between Jeff and Paul led to the former’s exit from Duran Duran. As of writing, Jeff does not seem to be active on social media or in the music world, but we are optimistic that he is doing well in his life.

Where is Sterling Campbell Now?

Starting as a session drummer of Duran Duran, Sterling Campbell soon became a full-time band member. Not long afterward, he left the band in early 1991 to work with Soul Asylum, working on the tracks like “Runaway Train,” which won a Grammy Award. From 1995 to 1998, Campbell was a fully-fledged member of  Soul Asylum. Additionally, in 1991, he started to play drums for David Bowie, joining his band in 1992 and working with the legendary singer for around fourteen years until 2004. Over the years, the artist has worked alongside iconic musicians like The B-52s, Cyndi Lauper, Gustavo Cerati, etc. He is still active as a drummer and is a human rights advocate, especially championing the cause of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

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