Dylan and Lauren Bair: Are the Couple to Throuple Participants Still Together?

Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple’ features various couples who have come to the show for a singular reason – finding another partner to add to their relationship. As the cast members explore their boundaries with polyamory, things often get complicated, with jealousy and heartbreak often at the top, though there are several happy moments that make the show a worthy watch. For Dylan and Lauren Bair, a couple from season 1, the social experiment helped them enjoy several new opportunities and earn numerous fans, many of whom are eager to know whether or not the couple is still together.

Dylan and Lauren Bair’s Couple to Throuple Journey

Among the four couples who entered the Peacock show on its very first day, Dylan and Lauren Bair were the only ones who were already married. However, they were open about their past experience with threesomes and how the first time they participated in it brought them closer than ever. As such, they wanted to open up their marriage of two years to a third person and wanted someone who was both emotionally and physically compatible with them.

Soon, Dylan and Lauren were introduced to several potential partners as they tried to know them all and see who they wanted to try being a throuple with first. During their first ceremony, they decided to choose Becca Calb, enchanted both by her looks and personality. The first challenge that the two had to face with Becca was a physical one where the two women explored their physical boundaries while Dylan tested his boundaries when it came to seeing his partner with someone else.

However, when the couples were given a chance to show their affection for someone else as well, Dylan and Lauren chose to give their bead necklace to Mia Pheonix, having always admired her personality. This did not sit well with Becca, who commented she was done if this was what Dylan and Lauren wanted. She had already expressed that while she was happy with Lauren, she wasn’t wholly comfortable with Dylan. She even decided not to join Dylan and Lauren in bed after they gave Mia the necklace.

The tension between the existing throuple remained strong, with Becca claiming that Dylan was jealous of her connection with Lauren. As such, she cleared out of the couple’s room, which disappointed Lauren, but they realized that they wanted someone who was on good terms with them both. As such, when the next ceremony came about, they chose to swap partners and instead went with Mia, something that all three were happy about.

While Dylan and Lauren did seem to enjoy their time together with Mia, they were still not entirely on board with her being their third partner, despite how much Mia seemed invested in taking up the role. In fact, the married couple remained open to exploring other options and ended up choosing Jess Olsen as their new partner during the third ceremony. While this blindsided Mia, she claimed that she could understand that the two might want to see their compatibility with others before being sure about her.

Dylan and Lauren Bair Are Now Expecting a Baby

Given the love and dedication that seemed to be a part of every aspect of Dylan and Lauren Bair’s relationship. It is hardly surprising that the two are still together. The married couple celebrated three years of their marriage in early February 2024. The two had decided to elope to Maldives and got married at Hurawalhi Maldives, a beautiful island one cannot help but be captivated by. Since then, the couple has explored many countries together and have enjoyed every moment that they spend in each other’s company.

In January 2024, Dylan and Lauren were ecstatic to share the news of their pregnancy. The two revealed that they will welcome the newest addition to their happy family in July 2024. For this, the couple received much support from their loved ones. As for whether or not they successfully welcomed another person into their relationship, Dylan and Lauren have not yet opened up about the same. Given their willingness to make an addition to their relationship, it is indeed possible that they may have indeed become a throuple.

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