Dypsy Loyal: Don’t Hate the Player Star Works as a Model

Among the many participants who took part in season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Don’t Hate the Player,’ AKA ‘Mauvais Joueurs,’ Dypsy Loyal certainly gained many advantages thanks to his connections. Though the competition had a campsite that tormented many of the participants with discomfort, he was able to change his circumstances quickly. Still, it was also not long before things turned around. Overall, he did his best to make it as far as possible, which earned him the respect of many.

Dypsy Loyal Formed Strong Alliances on the Show

After coming on ‘Don’t Hate the Player,’ Dypsy Loyal was certainly not very happy that he would be starting his journey at a camp with meager supplies. When the participants learned that they did have chances to turn their circumstances around, Dypsy found himself being a part of a tentative alliance comprising formidable participants like Anthony Jomeau, Lucas Mahaux, and Benjamin Carter. As such, he ended up voting for Anthony as the leader during the following voting.

Thanks to his alliance, Dypsy was one of the first three people to enter the villa. While there, he certainly enjoyed the presented amenities and hoped that he would be able to stay there for as long as possible. Unfortunately, during the very first assembly, one of the villa residents had to step down and come back to the camp and it was Dypsy who got voted for the same. Though saddened, Dypsy remained good friends with the allies he had created.

Dypsy’s decision to remain on good terms with others paid off when he and Benjamin Carter were presented with a tough choice. They could participate in an elimination duel, or one of them could decide to sacrifice themselves for the duel and fight against someone else, saving the other. Benjamin chose to save Dypsy and was confident that he would win the upcoming duel. He told the rest of his allies that he planned on taking Dypsy with him to the villa, but this did not sit well with Paula, who thought she should be given the chance to do so now.

Though Benjamin did want to take Dypsy to the villa, the two and Lucas decided that it might be best for the cohesiveness of their alliance to give Paula the opportunity. Later, during the one-on-one duels between the camp and villa residents, Dypsy was up against Jessica and had to stay back at camp. Not long afterward, Jessica returned to camp, but not before nominating Dypsy and Paula as the next elimination duel participants. Though Dypsy did give it his all, he ended up losing the challenge and was thus eliminated from the competition.

Where is Dypsy Loyal Now?

A former student of Lycée Jean Monnet, Dypsy Loyal is quite active as a model, having worked extensively in the field in the past. He also seems to be a huge fan of football, often posting pictures of his favorite teams on social media and attending games in order to join others in cheering the players on. The reality TV star is a player as well and enjoys sports in and out of the field. His love for the game has helped him forge many connections.

Calling himself a “Soldier Of God,” Dypsy is quite open about his deep-held faith in the divine. In fact, he has openly expressed his preference for the first verse in chapter seven of the Book of Job in the Bible, which reads, “The life of man upon earth is a warfare, and his days are like the days of a hireling.” He also seems to be interested in anime but mostly prefers to lead a private life away from the limelight.

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