Lucas Mahaux: Don’t Hate the Player Star is a Personal Trainer Today

Among the many players who took part in season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Don’t Hate the Player,’ AKA ‘Mauvais Joueurs,’ Lucas stood out thanks to his strong alliances and strategic mind. The contestant was able to easily integrate himself into a strong alliance that allowed him to be a part of some of the major changes taking place within the competition. Given just how skillfully he had navigated through the presented challenges, his unfortunate elimination had saddened many but still allowed him to retain a fair number of fans.

Lucas Mahaux Was Part of a Crucial Alliance on the Show

Not long after he had entered the Netflix show, Lucas Mahaux was able to make strong allies. In fact, the group comprising Paula, Thibault Damians, Benjamin Carter, Emia, Ines Mèlas, and himself started to dominate the competition from the very start. During the first round of assembly, the group did lose Anthony Jomeau to elimination, but it also secured a place for Lucas in the villa, as well as Thibault and Dypsy Loyal.

Lucas’ stay in the villa would go on until all the villa members were given a choice to either stay in their luxurious abode or two swap places with newcomers Jessica and Hugo Cieravola so that people at the camp could have more food and the prize money would be doubled. Along with Emia, Lucas descended to the camp and was welcomed by his allies there. Though he was not no longer in the villa, he continued to work in favor of his alliance’s goals.

While at camp, Lucas often tried to serve as a mediator. He was close to Paula and even tried to soothe her worries when she started to feel like she was being taken advantage of when most of her allies had already been to the villa part from her. A potential chance arose for Lucas to go back to the villa when he was opposite Leslie during a one-on-one competition. However, he chose to keep the box Leslie had given her and remained in the camp.

Just before the semi-finals, the then five residents of the camp, including Lucas had to participate in a game that had a huge risk but promised a huge reward. The competitors had to dig up a bag of wooden blocks, stack them on top of one another, and place them on one of the four pedestals. While Lucas was indeed able to find the block, the second part of the challenge was not easy for him. His blocks fell down multiple times while he tried to take them to the pedestal, including on the occasion when the block fell down right as he was placing them on the pedestal. Due to him not being able to complete the challenge before anyone else, Lucas ended up getting eliminated from the competition.

Where is Lucas Mahaux Now?

As it turns out, Lucas Mahaux is quite a fitness enthusiast. Not only is he dedicated to maintaining his own physical health, but the reality TV star also serves as a personal trainer for others who are seeking to achieve their own body goals. In fact, Lucas is also affiliated with HBR Fitness, a mobile application that is curated for those who want fitness and diet-related instructions on the top of their fingers. The application is primarily in French language and can even share calorie-related data when it comes to various food items.

Additionally, Lucas is quite a huge fan of outdoor activities. Whether he is at the beach or out in the snow, he never misses a chance to enjoy what each and every location has to offer. This is also quite a good example of how he loves to travel. From visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, to enjoying the views of Dubai, UAE, Lucas is certainly a man who appreciates all forms of beauty that the world has to offer in various forms.

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