Ebraheem Al Samadi: Dubai Bling Star is Happily Married

In the recently released second season of Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling,’ Ebraheem Al Samadi has easily captured the attention of the viewers thanks not only to his relationship with fellow cast members but also because of the progress that he has made in his romantic life. The developments in his personal life have left the reality TV star ecstatic and the public eager to know what they can about Ebraheem. Indeed, the world cannot help but wonder just who is the woman who has captured the business tycoon’s heart.

Ebraheem Al Samadi is a Successful Businessman

While most of the world might have gotten to know Ebraheem Al Samadi through his participation in the Netflix reality show, the cast member’s success can be credited to his business acumen. On January 15, 1988, Ebraheem was born in the country of Kuwait but grew up in Florida. Following the divorce of his parents at the age of thirteen, he started selling his clothes in order to garner more money to help his mother, Khadejah Dowd, with whom he lived in a one-room bedroom apartment, having chosen her company over staying with his father in his villa.

Ebraheem’s first-ever transaction of $20 on eBay allowed him to fully utilize his skill in a manner that he was able to make $40,000 within the next couple of years, which only made him more motivated to take up jobs and dedicate himself to the world of business. After saving about $90,000 by the time he was seventeen, Ebraheem opened his business called Wheelies, which was immensely successful and made him a billionaire before the age of eighteen.

Following his successful start in the world of business, Ebraheem collaborated with his father to open a mobile phone franchise and a used car shop. He then decided to try his hand in the business market of Dubai by investing in the hairstyling company called Amika. He then decided to take part in his family’s business, the Al Samadi Group, by opening a retail branch for the same. The Netflix star is also the proud Founder and CEO of Forever Rose and Forever Oud, the former being a flower business as well as a cafe, while the latter is the name of his fragrance line.

Ebraheem Al Samadi Got Married in a Beautiful Ceremony

In season 2 of the Netflix show, fans were delighted to see a new side of Ebraheem Al Samadi. Yes, we are indeed talking about the business being in love with his new partner, Hamdah, whom he could not help but praise at every step. The two had initially been friends with each other but grew closer and closer before falling into a romantic relationship. When the time came for the two to talk about their marriage, Ebraheem stated that he had been clear about the fact that his mother, Khadejah Dowd, would be staying with them.

According to Ebraheem, Hamdah not only agreed to this but even moved to Dubai, volunteering to take care of Khadejah. Almost everyone around the Netflix star had nothing but positive things to say about his wife-to-be, something that only added to Ebraheem’s happiness. That said, Hamdah was not seen much during season 2 of the Netflix show, with Ebraheem even sharing that she did not venture into events where men and women were both present. Ultimately, on March 3, 2023, the happy couple tied the knot in the company of friends and family in a beautiful ceremony.

While ‘Dubai Bling’ did cover Ebraheem’s wedding, we did not get to see Hamdah’s face. Indeed, the reality TV star has been vocal about the fact that his wife prefers to stay out of the limelight and does not want her face to be public, in accordance with her beliefs. “In the past month, I’ve been getting an enormous amount of requests to share full images of my wife, I find this very disrespectful because this is her right to remain private as this is the culture of her family and of many families in the Middle East and Islamic world,” he stated on Instagram.

“It was my choice for me to be in the public’s eye. As for her, she wants to remain private. I ask all my supporters to respect this, and for the haters, I ask God to guide you on the right path,” Ebraheem further added. Indeed, the only detail the businessman has been comfortable sharing has been the fact that he has gotten married into the Al Hamly family. Fans of the show, especially those who admire Ebraheem, have thrown their support behind him and Hamdah, showering the couple with their own congratulations.

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