Eliana Batsakis: Where is Next in Fashion Contestant Now?

For everyone interested in the fashion industry, Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion‘ is a must-watch binge-fest fashion reality TV series. Twelve designers attempt to create new and contemporary designs and put their creativity to the ultimate test over the course of the show.   These competitors are at the top of their game. Each of them has experience working with large clothing brands or dressing A-list celebrities. During season 2, Eliana Batsakis competed to become the next big thing in fashion. She displayed her abilities and persuaded the judges that she had what it required to become one of the top designers. Thus, fans are eager to find out where Eliana is right now and what she is up to. Let’s find out together!

Eliana Batsakis’ Next in Fashion Journey

Eliana’s designs stand out for their innovative storylines, digitally altered textures, brilliant color palettes, and arresting designs that draw inspiration from real-life events. Eliana doesn’t design with a certain body type in mind. She likes to think of clothes as “bodies” that can take the wearer to different parts of reality, utilizing clothing as a catalyst to start new universes. Since the beginning of the show, Eliana was on a journey to prove to the judges her talent and how she had all that it takes to be in the competition, despite starting her passion in fashion only recently. Eliana was over the moon when Donatella Versace complimented her design in the first challenge entitled ‘Royalty.’ The futuristic blue dress with a deep neckline screamed regal with a futuristic twist. Though she was advised to make the front of the dress a bit longer, the sheer white cape took a look to the next level.

In the episode 2 team challenge, she was teamed with Desyrée, Deontré, Qaysean, Courtney, and Nigel. Though their team didn’t win the ‘Wear the Earth’ challenge, her contribution to the long metallic leaf dress was great and was one of the best designs featured in the episode. Eliana struggled in the ‘Thrift’ challenge as she had never worked with recycled clothes before and the judges were disappointed with her look. Though Gigi Hadid liked the skirt, Tan France had other opinions. Overall, the look didn’t land right; however, it was enough to save herself from getting eliminated. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Eliana’s side in episode 4 entitled ‘Childhood.’ Her outfit came through as “crafty” and “too childish.” None of the judges liked the tulle cape on the dress, and the fabric was also not up to the mark. After careful consideration, the judges decided to send the designer home as they felt she needed more training and practice in the art. 

Eliana Batsakis is Thriving as a Designer

One of the youngest competitors in the competition, Eliana, didn’t always dream of being a fashion designer. Thanks to her gift for theatrics, she nevertheless found fashion. The Cincinnati-based designer and fresh graduate of a fashion school began her career in college, where she honed her own sense of relaxed style. Eliana began working as a teaching artist at Artworks Cincinnati in 2021 after earning her degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also continued to freelance and accept illustration-based projects.

She maintained her fashion career on her own and was sponsored to appear at the February 2022 Atlantic City Fashion Week. She presently works as a freelance designer, stylist, and creative director. Afterwards, she was featured as a designer on CFDA Runway360 and received funding for the 2022 Atlantic City Fashion Week. The reality TV star currently designs under her own name, and her creations are fascinating. In September 2022, Eliana got engaged to her middle school sweetheart Ethan Murray and their love story has surely turned out for the better throughout the course of their more than 12 years together.

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