Elite Season 7: Do Isadora and Didac End Up Together?

Isadora and Dídac’s relationship confronts several challenges in the sixth and seventh seasons of Netflix’s teen seriesElite.’ Their companionship gets threatened when she gets raped by some of her schoolmates since she finds it hard to trust anyone after the highly traumatic incident. In the seventh installment of the Spanish show, Isadora finally starts to trust Dídac and they unite as a couple. However, their togetherness is affected by the feud between their families. The season ends without revealing whether they settle their differences to remain lovers, inspiring us to take an in-depth look into the same. Well, here are our thoughts about the fate of their relationship! SPOILERS AHEAD.

A Matter of Trust

Isadora and Dídac become a couple when the former decides to be a part of her family’s businesses. Her parents Martín and Roberta slowly integrate her into their financial affairs as a start. At the same time, the Artiñán family is competing against Dídac’s family. To beat their competition, Martín blackmails and bribes Catalina, a judge and the mother of Rocío. When Isadora gets included in her parents’ businesses, which include several illegal affairs, she gets forced to shift her priorities. Her feelings for Dídac get shifted frequently, which stops her from figuring out whether their relationship is essential for her.

As far as Dídac is concerned, nothing is more important than Isadora for him. He even decides to turn against his own family, hoping that the same will help him distance his relatives from his relationship. He makes it clear to Officer Luis, who is working undercover in Las Encinas as the Head of Studies, that he rather see his family members sent to jail than lose the togetherness he shares with Isadora. He also wants her parents to stay away from their oneness, which makes him team up with Luis to put her family behind bars. Dídac spies on Isadora hoping that he will garner valuable information to incriminate the latter’s father Martín.

However, Isadora soon discovers that Dídac has been spying on her and taking advantage of the trust she has in him. The realization breaks her, who has been trusting him by fighting her body and soul. She confronts him about his secret affairs as she loses confidence in their relationship.

Isadora’s Redemption

When Isadora confronts Dídac, he reveals the truth to her. He takes her to Luis and together, they explain that they are after her family for the countless wrongdoings they have committed over the years. Although she loves her family dearly, Isadora teams up with the police and leads them to her father Martín and his former accomplice Catalina. Since Isadora sides with Dídac’s group and notions in the end, it is safe to say that she will most likely forgive him for going behind her back. With her father no longer a concern, Isadora and Dídac may reunite upon settling their differences.

Isadora may not be able to ignore Dídac’s mistakes. However, she is mature enough to understand that he committed the same for the greater good of their relationship. She may appreciate his decision to stand against his family members and fight them only for the sake of their togetherness. Isadora may regain her lost trust in him when she understands that Dídac cares about nothing but their companionship. After such a realization, she may not want to lose him. Dídac has time and again proven that he is ready to sacrifice anything to be her boyfriend. He always prioritizes her well-being and after her father’s arrest, she may need someone like him by her side.

Therefore, Isadora and Dídac may remain together. They most likely will stay away from the affairs of their respective families to focus on strengthening their togetherness. Considering that Isadora’s best friend Iván Carvalho has moved to South Africa, Dídac may also fill the former’s absence in her life.

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