Elizabeth Rowe: Where is Is It Cake Season 2 Winner Now?

Based on the eponymous viral internet meme, Netflix’s ‘Is It Cake?’ is an exciting reality baking competition series that pits ten expert bakers against each other. With prize money worth $75,000 on the line, the contestants participate in various themed challenges, where they have to create hyper-realistic cakes resembling daily life objects. Be it a painting, a pile of clothes, or even a shoe — these talented bakers can whip up a cake, making it hard to tell whether it is real.

Moreover, each episode has a bonus challenge allowing each contestant to win an additional $10,000. Season 2 introduced us to ten interesting bakers from diverse backgrounds who won the audience’s hearts with their skills and stories. Yet, it was Elizabeth Rowe who ultimately took home the winner’s crown as well as $100,000. Now, if you wish to learn more about her and what she’s up to nowadays, here’s what you need to know!

Who is Elizabeth Rowe?

Born and raised in England, Elizabeth came to Texas around sixteen years before participating in the show. She has been passionate about baking since she was young, so she used her skills to open The London Baker. A premium bakery specializing in wedding cakes in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, it is Elizabeth’s passion project which she runs with eleven of her employees. In fact, she shared on the show that she hopes to make her team proud by winning and giving back to them in some way.

Interestingly, ‘Is It Cake?’ season 2 is not the award-winning pastry chef’s first brush with reality television. Elizabeth has previously appeared on Food Network’s ‘Cake Wars’ and ‘Dallas Cakes Challenge,’ ‘Holiday Wars,’ and ‘Halloween Wars.’ She has also won prizes in some of the competition shows she has participated in. It was during her time in ‘Halloween Wars’ that Elizabeth realized her love for spooky and zombie-themed cakes and eventually mastered the art of crafting them. Specifically, she is famous for giving realistic eyes to her edible creations.

In the second iteration of the Netflix series, Elizabeth initially had a shaky start when the judges called out her first two cakes. However, she soon turned the tables with her detailed and scrumptious canteen-themed cake, helping her win the additional $10,000. Yet, Elizabeth’s most impressive performance was in the season finale, wherein she teamed with Pete Tidwell to create a double-flavored cake resembling a tool bag. Such was the intricate detailing and impeccable taste of her cake that the judges couldn’t help but declare her the winner.

Where is Elizabeth Rowe Now?

On the professional front, Elizabeth Rowe currently runs two outlets of The London Baker in Texas, one in Lewisville and one in Castle Hills. According to the expert baker, she wished to use the prize money from the show to get some necessary repairs for her house’s roof, which was severely damaged in the floods. From what we can tell, Elizabeth resumed her regular life after the show and is currently focused on repairing her home and expanding her bakery franchise. Interestingly, despite being such a sought-after pastry chef, she prefers keeping her private life away from the limelight.

While Elizabeth frequently shares her sweet creations on her bakery’s Instagram page, she doesn’t use the social media platform for herself. Nevertheless, she did share on the show that she was happily engaged to Cody Daniel and jokingly shared that her “cowboy” boyfriend is what brought her to Texas. We are happy to report that the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in April 2023. Elizabeth is thrilled about her time on the show and is grateful for the experience. It is heartwarming to have witnessed Elizabeth’s journey on the second iteration of ‘Is It Cake?’ and we wish her the best in future endeavors.

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