Elys and Bryton: Is the Perfect Match Duo Still Together?

While it’s true dating is rather complex and scary since it forces individuals to really look at themselves, their expectations, plus their true desires, it is also an experience unlike any other. That’s honestly why reality productions such as Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match‘ have been all the rage over the past few years, especially with personalities like Elys Hutchinson and Bryton Constantin. After all, their stint in season 2 of this original was definitely one for the books considering they mostly came across rather negatively before ultimately finding a connection in one another.

Elys and Bryton Came Together Unexpectedly

Although both Elys (‘Too Hot to Handle‘ season 5) and Bryton (‘Squid Game: The Challenge’) stepped foot into the villa of this social experiment on the very first day, they didn’t really interact. That’s because while the former almost immediately zeroed in on Harry Jowsey (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 1), the latter had set his sights on Dominique Defoe (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 4). This is not to say they didn’t find one another physically attractive because they did, yet their priorities in the beginning were something else entirely, leading them to their then-dream partners.

Little did they know Bryton’s argumentative, boisterous, and loud personality would soon rub his own match the wrong way, ultimately resulting in him getting so angry he walked away himself. As for Elys, she and Harry did seem like a good match at first, but his head completely turned the second he was sent on a date with brunette beauty Jessica “Jess” Vestal (‘Love Is Blind’ season 6). She subsequently tried to cause a little chaos while also attempting to move on with Justin Assada (‘Surviving Paradise’), only for the duo to then actually gradually build a strong bond.

However, as soon as Elys saw Bryton again when all the outside boys crashed Girl’s Day Out towards the end, she was hooked — she felt so drawn to him she was ready to let go of Justin. And that’s precisely what she did the very next day; the former was admittedly buttering up Micah Lussier (‘Love Is Blind’ season 4) in order to re-enter the villa, but Elys beat him to it by directly asking him to match. She made it clear she was insanely attracted to him and felt they could have great chemistry once they genuinely got to know one another, to which he unabashedly agreed.

Elys and Bryton then went on their first (and final) date — participating in a cacao ceremony — during which they agreed they do see themselves staying together in the real world too. There honestly seemed to be a surprising sort of emotionality, trust, as well as vulnerability between them, especially with both seeming dedicated to learning the deepest parts of each other. Therefore, of course, by the time the finale rolled around, they appeared more than ready to step away from the cameras and explore all the different aspects of their budding romance head first.

“The chemistry is definitely very much there with Bryton, and it’s… it’s great,” Elys candidly said in the end. “I have had four matches. I’d always fancied Bryton from day one. I thought he was very good-looking. So, I’ve followed what I wanted to do, and I genuinely am extremely happy.” Her match then stated, “I don’t think it could have ended any better, truthfully… I want everybody to know that I am not sitting here trying to bullshit or do anything [funny] because if that was the case, she would have been able to see through it,” and he wouldn’t be sitting hand in hand with her.

Elys and Bryton Aren’t Involved Anymore

Unfortunately, though, despite the fact it appeared as if Elys and Bryton had formed a naturally authentic relationship, it doesn’t look like they were able to make things work in the real world in the long run. Neither of them has since confirmed or denied this as of writing, yet it’s possible the actuality of long distance as well as other external factors became too much for them after filming concluded for good.

Furthermore, from what we can tell through their online presence, Elys and Bryton don’t seem to have stayed in touch at all — not only do they not follow one another on social media, but there’s also no form of public interaction between them. In fact, it seems like they are both simply trying to focus on themselves, their close loved ones, and their professional lives at the moment, all the while trying to negate any distractions.

Elys is an Entrepreneur, Model, and Public Figure

Whether on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ or ‘Perfect Match,’ Elys did build some incredible connections, only for them to make her see that she is genuinely interested in a serious relationship. It thus comes as no surprise she has since moved on in life with this in mind, all the while continuing her career as a brand co-founder, professional model, as well as overall public figure.

The Switzerland-born London-based Elys is actually the proud co-founder of a content studio/event space named Haus of Hutch, which she established alongside her sister Siena Hutchinson around the spring of this year. It’s also imperative to note she’s currently represented by Bejewlwd Management social media agency and The Trend Co. talent agency, enabling her to work with brands like FashionNova, Boux Avenue, plus many more, without any issues.

Bryton Constantin is Spreading His Wings as a Public Figure

While it’s true Bryton is a polarizing figure owing to the villainous way he has been portrayed on both ‘Squid Game: The Challenge as well as ‘Perfect Match,’ no one can deny that he cares for his family and is a man of God. That’s why it appears as if he doesn’t mind the negative publicity at all, especially as it also enables him to focus more on spreading his wings in the entertainment industry while staying utterly true to himself. In fact, this Louisiana native has recently been traveling across the nation to really establish himself as a public figure and fitness influencer while also evolving as an ambassador for FashionNova’s men’s line, NovaMen.

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