Emmy Sharrett From Southern Hospitality: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Emmy Sharrett/Instagram

BravoTV’s ‘Southern Hospitality’ is an entertaining reality series that revolves around Leva Bonaparte from ‘Southern Charm.’ The show is mainly set at Republic Garden & Lounge in Charleston, South Carolina, focusing on several of its employees. As the cast members try to navigate their lives, they often find themselves in complicated situations involving love, heartbreak, and jealousy. Needless to say, how the staff reacts to unfolding events is nothing short of exciting.

Emmy Sharrett is one of the most well-known cast members from the spinoff show who captivated the viewers’ hearts. Her journey throughout the series involves many ups and downs involving romantic and career-related issues. Since Emmy’s appearance in the show’s first season, fans have been eager to learn more about the reality TV star. Well, here is what we know about her!

Emmy Sharrett’s Early Life and Background

Born in March 1998, Emmy Sharrett grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The reality TV star has three sisters, Bromley, Montana, and Peyton. The four siblings have a close bond and cherish each other very much. Their parents, Brandon and Shawn, married in October 1997 and are pretty proud of their family. Their relationship and family have always been a point of pride for Emmy. After completing high school, Emmy enrolled at the College of Charleston and graduated from the institute in 2021.

Emmy Sharrett’s Profession


After graduating, Emmy started working as VIP Server at Republic Garden & Lounge. Her work has also allowed her to become an intrinsic part of the beloved reality series. As a cast member of ‘Southern Hospitality,’ Emmy has acquired many admirers who love her journey in the show. However, it seems that her time as a server might not be as permanent as one might want to think. Having graduated from college shortly over a year before the start of season 1, Emmy is still looking for her professional calling in life.

Emmy Sharrett’s Boyfriend

Fans of the show may already be aware of Emmy Sharrett’s happy relationship with Will Kulp. The latter appears in ‘Southern Hospirtality’ as a bartender and is pursuing an education in the legal domain. While the two are quite happy in their relationship, they had a rough patch in season 1 of the show when rumors of Emmy and the boyfriend of one of her co-workers started circulating.

Nevertheless, Emmy and Will’s relationship seems to be going strong as of writing. The two look content and their fans cannot help but cheer for their heartwarming relationship. Interestingly, the two share the same birthday and always enjoy celebrating together. Emmy and Will’s presence on the show have always been a point of interest for the public, and we wish them the best for the future.

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