Maddi Reese From Southern Hospitality: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Maddi Reese/Instagram

Set in Charleston, South Carolina, BravoTV’s ‘Southern Hospitality’ is a reality series revolving around the staff of Republic Garden & Lounge. The show provides the viewers an insight into the hospitality industry and how the cast members juggle their personal and professional lives. Under the guidance of Leva Bonaparte, the star of ‘Southern Charm,’ her establishment’s employees try their best to provide excellent services to some well-known people. However, it is not always easy to do the needful.

Madison “Maddi” Reese is one of the most prominent faces in the show who has been a part of it since season 1. Given her musical talents and charming personality, the reality TV star has many fans eager to learn more about her. Well, here is everything that we know about Maddi!

Maddi Reese’s Early Life and Background

Born in August 1997, Madison “Maddi” Reese grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, “by way of New York City.” As a child, she had a great relationship with her parents, especially her mom, Mary Ellen Dunn Reese. Maddi also has great memories with her sister Melissa, whom she seems close to. Apart from her family, she enjoys spending time with her friends and is always eager to celebrate life to the fullest.

In 2011, Maddi started studying at Charlotte Catholic High School and got her diploma in 2015. After this, she enrolled at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. The reality TV star obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication in 2019. While pursuing her education, Maddi worked in different establishments and has long been a part of the hospitality industry.

Maddi Reese’s Profession

In June 2014, Maddi started working as a Substance Abuse Counselor Volunteer for Insight in Charlotte and stayed there until June 2017. Furthermore, she took up the role of a server at Rooster’s Woodfire Kitchen in the city but left the organization in August 2017. Starting in September 2017, Maddi became a Server at O-Ku Sushi Charleston in Charleston. However, she left the position in November 2018.

Maddi’s journey with Leva Bonaparte started in September 2018 when she became a Server at Bourbon N’​ Bubbles. Thanks to her excellent work at the high-scale establishment, she got promoted and became a VIP Coordinator at Republic Garden & Lounge in August 2019. When not managing VIP guests, Maddi works as a DJ to entertain those who come to the lounge. In fact, she takes up several gigs around Southeast Charleston as a DJ.

Maddi Reese’s Boyfriend

As of writing, Maddi does not seem to be in a committed relationship. She has not shied away from exploring the dating pool as a single young woman. However, in season 1 of the show, Maddi found herself in a complicated love triangle where she couldn’t help but wonder who to choose from. The reality TV star developed a connection with her co-worker Joe Bradley, the VIP host. Although, when her cheating ex-boyfriend reentered her life, she could not help but feel conflicted. From what we can tell, her current relationship is currently single.

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