Mia Alario From Southern Hospitality: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Mia Alario/Instagram

BravoTV’s ‘Southern Hospitality’ gives us an authentic sneak peek into the lives of the enthusiastic staff at Charleston’s Republic Garden & Lounge. Headed by Leva Bonaparte, who owns the establishment alongside her husband, the staff have to balance their personal and professional commitments, deal with interpersonal relationships, and cater to the demands of guests, all while being documented by cameras. Apart from providing exciting snippets from the life of a nightclub staff, the reality show intersperses the narrative with romance and drama, which adds to the thrill.

While all appreciated Mia Alario’s commitment to her job, fans might be surprised that she is not originally from the United States. Moreover, she even mentioned that she worked at the nightclub because she loved the job and not out of necessity. With viewers eager to learn more about such an interesting personality, here’s everything we know about Mia.

Mia Alario’s Age and Background

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Mia Alario was 24 at the time of filming. She was born and raised in a close-knit and loving family that helped her develop a deep familial bond early in life. Besides, Mia’s parents have always been quite supportive of her ambitions and have pushed and encouraged her to chase her dreams. Thus, to this very day, she appears grateful to her parents for contributing to her success and is closely connected with most of her loved ones. In fact, Mia often features her parents on her social media accounts.

From a young age, Mia had high aspirations about her future and was determined to make her close ones proud. Toward the end of high school, she discovered her affinity for finance and decided to pursue a profession in that field. Hence, after graduating from school, she left her native country of Trinidad and Tobago and traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Finance in 2019. Since then, Mia has never looked back and embarked on a successful professional life.

Mia Alario’s Professional Life

Mia started her professional career in 2017 in Belize as a Credit & Loan Analyst Intern for Belize Bank International. However, after moving to Charleston for further studies, she became an Equity Research Intern at Tandem Investment Advisors, Inc. in May 2018. In March of the following year, she moved on to become a Financial Reporter for the Coastal Management Group, and eventually, in July 2020, entered Biotech as a Financial Analyst.

Currently, Mia resides in Charleston and works as a Financial Analyst during the day. Although, at night, she becomes a part of the city’s popular nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge, and excels in her job as a hostess. When talking about her work as a hostess, Mia mentioned that she took it up because it’s fun and exciting but insisted that she did not have any financial necessity to work two jobs at once. In addition, the hostess spoke of her honesty and how it often stands as an obstacle in her line of work.

Is Mia Alario Dating Anyone?

Mia is quite open regarding social media and loves sharing snippets from her daily life with her followers. The reality TV star even features her close ones on her Instagram profile, and it is heartwarming to witness her enjoying herself to the fullest and making the most out of life. However, in all her recent posts, the absence of a romantic partner is quite apparent, and no reports talk about her dating life. Hence, we do believe that Mia is currently single and focused on her career, although, from the looks of it, she has been testing the dating pool from time to time.

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