Lucía Peña From Southern Hospitality: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Lucia Pena/Instagram

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a popular nightclub, BravoTV’s ‘Southern Hospitality’ would be right up your alley. The reality series opens a window into the workings of the hospitality sector by documenting the staff at Charleston’s Republic Garden & Lounge in their everyday lives. The audience follows each member as they deal with professional commitments, interpersonal relationships, daily issues, and demanding customers.

Besides, the show even peeks into the cast’s personal lives and how they deal with problems related to relationships, marriages, and even friendships. VIP server, Lucía Peña, impressed fans with the impeccable balance she maintains between work and her personal life. Being a mother of one, Lucia has to take on the role of the primary caregiver but ensures that she’s always present at the nightclub when needed. This commitment made fans eager to learn more about her, and here’s everything we know about Lucía.

Lucía Peña’s Age and Background

A native of New York, Lucía was 34 at the time of filming. Right from childhood, she developed a close bond with her loved ones and has always been the light of her parents’ lives. As her parents were the ones who encouraged her to dream big and achieve her goals, Lucía has remained grateful to them to this very day and believes that they are responsible for all her success. She often features her loved ones on social media and tries to take time out of her busy schedule to make memories with them.

Interestingly, from a young age, Lucía fell in love with an active lifestyle and adored the outdoors. This helped her discover her passion for running, and she earned numerous accolades as an athlete. Talking about her running days, Lucía posted a picture of all her medals on social media and claimed that her mother trained her and guided her toward greatness.

Besides, readers will be interested to know that the reality star has also dipped her toes into modeling and has participated in a few pageants. Although Lucía prefers to keep her education history under wraps, it looks like she graduated from Clark Atalanta University before starting a professional career.

Lucía Peña’s Profession

Unfortunately, Lucía has kept her professional career under wraps and hasn’t revealed much about it. However, with a background in athletics and modeling, her affinity for an active and outdoorsy life is quite apparent. From the looks of it, Lucía has worked as a fitness coach from time to time and still goes running occasionally. Besides, she has a considerable knack for touring and often uploads pictures from her travels on social media.

Lucía currently works as a VIP server at Charleston, South Carolina’s Republic Garden & Lounge nightclub, and is responsible for hosting and serving high-profile guests at the establishment. While guests have often appreciated her commitment to her work, fans will be interested to know that she is one of the oldest employees of the nightclub. Nevertheless, Lucía loves to hang out with the young folk and is often the life of the party.

Lucía Peña’s Partner

Lucía has always preferred to keep her relationships away from the public eye, although she was in a relationship with an unknown person at the time of filming. She hasn’t revealed this man’s name to this day, but we know that she shares a two-year-old child with him. While Lucía is a wonderful mother who prioritizes her child over everything else, she and her partner rarely see eye to eye.

In fact, the show documents some of these differences and indicates that they might have broken up. Since Lucía’s partner doesn’t feature on her social media accounts and there are no reports on the same, we, too, believe that the reality star is currently single and wholly engrossed in her motherly duties.

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