Where was Eurovision Song Contest Filmed?

‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ follows two Icelandic musicians who dream of winning the Eurovision contest. It is Lars’s childhood dream to create the one song that brings him fame and glory, but he hasn’t met with any success. His obsession has led his father to despise him as a good for nothing man who is wasting his life on music. The town doesn’t take him seriously either.

The only person who stays with Lars from the beginning till the end is Sigrit. With her beautiful voice, Lars’ talent for music, and some help from the elves, they enter the biggest music contest in Europe. Apart from telling their rollercoaster of a story, the film also boasts beautiful locations that steal your hearts. If you want to know where the movie has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Eurovision Song Contest Filming Locations

‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ begins in a small town in Iceland and takes its protagonists to a place where millions of people have their eyes on them. The story jumps between two places- Húsavík and Edinburgh- but the crew had to resort to more locations to make the movie. The film has been shot in Iceland and Scotland. Cast members Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, and Demi Lovato were also spotted filming some scenes in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Húsavík, Iceland

The story of ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ begins in a small town in Iceland. Growing up in Húsavík, Lars Erickssong harbours the dream of winning the contest and making his father and his hometown proud. To lend an authentic feel to Lars’ story, the filmmakers found a perfect place in Iceland. The filming took place in Húsavík, which serves as the town that the Fire Saga hails from.

In one of the scenes at the beginning of the film, we see whales in the waters surrounding the town. This is a reference to one of the main tourist attractions of Húsavík. It is the center of whale watching in Iceland, which also holds several other attractions for tourists.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The quest to win the Eurovision contest takes Lars and Sigrit to Edinburgh. This is where they explore their music while also coming to terms with their relationship. The majority of scenes in the movie were filmed in Edinburgh. The cast was spotted filming all over the city, from Victoria Street to Grassmarket to George IV Bridge. Some scenes were also filmed at Calton Hill. The Princes Street Gardens and the Holyrood Park also feature in several scenes of the movie. Additionally, Arthur’s Seat, the Royal Mile, and Newhaven Harbour were also used as the filming locations.

The production of ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ also turned towards Glasgow to shoot parts of the film. The airport scenes in the movie were filmed at Glasgow Airport. For the venue of the Eurovision Song Contest, the filmmakers used Glasgow’s SSE Hydro.
Apart from Scotland, the film also used other places in the United Kingdom. The Warner Bros. Studios in London were also used by the crew to film additional scenes. The Chobham Rugby Club in Surrey is another site used in making the film.

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