Eve Wiley: Where is the Fertility Fraud Advocate Now?

While most of the world already knows Eve Andrews Wiley as an extremely reputable and trailblazing fertility fraud advocate, many often forget she’s actually a victim of the same herself. Though unlike the tale explored in Netflix’s ‘The Man With 1000 Kids,’ she’s not the result of a sperm donor’s manipulation but the lies of a conservative, evangelical church-going doctor. However, instead of letting this truth tear her down, she has since evolved it into her inspiration as well as strength in the hopes of ensuring no one else ever has to go through what she did.

Eve Wiley’s Life Turned Upside Down Twice

Although born around 1987 in Nacogdoches, Texas, to Margo Williams and her now-late husband as their only child, Eve honestly had a happy, comfortable childhood surrounded by love. Therefore, when she came across an email from the California Cryobank in her mother’s inbox at the age of 16, stating the man she grew up calling dad was not her real father, her heart shattered. Nevertheless, she knew in her heart her feelings for her family wouldn’t change, soon driving her to contact Los Angeles-based Sperm Donor 106, aka Steve Scholl, and ask him to meet, unaware they’d form a close father-daughter bond too.

Yet then came 2018, when Eve did a commercial DNA test, just to learn that her mother’s fertility doctor hadn’t used the sperm her parents had consented to; instead, he was her biological father. She was thus left to start over at the age of 30, especially as she learned there was nothing she could do since fertility fraud was illegal in only one state at the time. What’s worse is that when she finally resolved to come forward with her story a while later, her community in Texas actually supported the gynecologist Dr. Kim McMorries, further pushing her to the idea that she needed to be the change she wished to see.

“You build your whole life on your genetic identity, and that’s the foundation,” Eve once candidly said. “But when those bottom bricks have been removed or altered, it can be devastating.” However, neither she nor Steve let this come between them; they still share such a close bond that Eve still calls him Dad, while her kids call him “Poppa.” Even he has since conceded, “It took me a while to process. We felt so much like we’d found each other. We didn’t know how the reproductive industry worked. But very quickly, we both decided not to let this change anything for us.”

Eve Wiley is a Therapist turned Advocate

Eve was merely a young girl when she decided she wanted to do some good and spread some positivity in this world, which is why she pursued her higher education immediately upon graduation. In fact, she attended The University of Texas at Austin from 2005 to 2009, before almost immediately enrolling at the Southern Methodist University in 2010 to pursue a Master’s in Counselling. She hence graduated in 2012, just to soon evolve into a Children and Family Therapist at Frisco Counseling and Wellness before spreading her wings to be a children’s specialist therapist at Park Cities Child and Family Counseling.

Though once the truth of Eve’s real parentage came out, the Dallas, Texas, resident evolved into a Fertility Fraud Advocate, Writer, Public Figure, as well as Author to raise awareness on the matter. She even did her best to open conversations with lawmakers and government representatives, eventually helping change the laws not only in Texas but also in other states. She has actually played a role in the passing of some sort of fertility fraud law in at least eight states, all the while establishing her website and making public appearances to keep the conversation going.

Eve Wiley is a Family Woman Through and Through

While it’s true Eve has struggled with her familial identity in the past, the bond she has with her mother, Steve Scholl, as well as the family she has built for herself, has helped her remain calm over the years. In fact, she’s a happily married mother of three at the moment, and they are admittedly her first priority these days. She actually tied the knot with her husband, Blake, in late May 2013, only for them to welcome their son, Hutton Andrews Wiley, on July 24, 2014, their first daughter, Scarlette Estelle Wiley, on November 11, 2016, and their youngest, Winnie June Wiley on April 27, 2020.

We should also mention that Eve has 14 half-siblings from her biological father’s side and has never actually received an apology from Dr. Kim. She did get a letter from him after she came forward with the truth, yet it was far from one where he was prepared to say sorry. Instead, he simply confessed he’d mixed his sperm with that of the chosen donor to improve her mother’s chances of conception. But he could never reveal it because of “donor anonymity… The thinking at that time was that if the patient got pregnant, there was no way to know which sperm affected the conception.”

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