Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 1: Where are the Families Now?

Restoring the houses and hopes of numerous families, ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ follows a team of designers, architects, and constructors as they revitalize a family’s home within a span of seven days. The reality television show chronicles the marvelous transformation that the team undertakes by creating a house with unique features from the ground up. The show has continued to appeal to countless since its inception in 2004. Years since the families of season 1 graced the audience’s screens, fans have continued to wonder about their latest whereabouts.

The Mendoza Family is Involved in the Community Even Today

Within seven days, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team managed to undo the damage in Contessa Mendoza’s house. As a single mother of a daughter and foster mother of two kids, the single parent had little means to supplement a home renovation. Nevertheless, her daughter, Analicia, and foster children, Angel and Tony, managed to receive the surprise of their lives. As a social worker, Contessa had continued to support her children on numerous counts. After the season came to a close, she also received help from Bagwell Construction, the company that worked on the Mendoza household. Owners David and Jodi even hired her son on a job.

In an interview with Pacific Coast Business Times, the television personality talked about the help she received from Bagwell Construction repeatedly. She said, “My son is significantly hard of hearing so I know it couldn’t have always been easy, but David was extremely patient and understanding,” Mendoza said.  “He helped my family in so many ways.” Later, Contessa’s daughter was caught in the throes of drugs. However, she managed to get her child the help she needed through the Hope 4 Teens program. After the program was in jeopardy and on the precipice of shutting down, the Van Nuys resident wrote a letter to the Governor of the state detailing her personal experiences and the deliverables of the program.

The Powers Family is Now Exploring Different Paths

Introduced as the first family of California, the Powers were once in the midst of renovating their home when the youngest daughter of the household received an unpredictable diagnosis. After Olivia received the life-altering diagnosis of leukemia, the Powers decided to keep their house renovation on hold. To give them their dream home, Ty Pennington and other members of the team decided to give the Santa Clarita-based family a wonderful surprise.

Rodney, Kristin, Brittany, Reed, and Olivia were surprised when the experts entered their house and decided to redo it from the ground up. In the end, the family received a wonderful surprise coupled with the support of their friends. Not just this, Kristin also painted a mural for Olivia’s room that read, ‘Take one day at a time! Live, love, and laugh! Be strong, be you, breathe.’ More good news awaited the family when they received news of Olivia’s full recovery. After the show, the family of five has decided to keep their lives under wraps. While the Powers have kept a decidedly low profile, we continue to hope that they’ve since made progress in all aspects of their lives.

The Woslum Family is Now Making New Milestones

The Woslum family received a piece of news that they’d far from imagined. Dawna Woslum was contacted by the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team while her husband Trent was deployed in Iraq. To her surprise, she told her husband and set off to Disneyland, along with their three sons. The members departed from their homes to let Ty Pennington, Constance Ramos, and Michael Moloney do their magic. Against her expectations, Dawna didn’t just receive the house of her dreams but was also met with her husband’s unexpected return.

Upon seeing her husband, a sergeant in the California National Guard, return, Dawna was elated. Likewise, her sons, Steven, Alexander, and Nicholas, were also enthused to see their father return. We believe that the couple’s son, Nick, is now working as an Associate Lab Technician with Fulgent Genetics in California. Even though the family has decidedly kept quiet about their life, it seems the couple and their three sons have since ventured onto different paths and are exploring professional and personal achievements.

The Cox Family is Now Living Out of the Spotlight

Having devoted their life to helping others, pastor Jack Cox and his family received the help of designers, architects, and builders of ‘Extreme Makeover’ to restructure the house from the ground up. Parents John and Wendy had hoped to make a better place for their daughters Shayna, Hannah, and Nicole. As a youth pastor, John had used his house as a haven for youth who found themselves through tough challenges.

The family of music lovers ended up with the house of their dreams. After the complete renovation was complete, the Cox family breathed a sigh of relief. As a traveling pastor who rarely stayed in one place, the Cox clan had several hopes when it came to living in their first home. Since their time on the show, the family has largely kept their life under wraps. We believe that the matriarch, Wendy, is now a registered nurse at Valley Presbyterian in Simi Valley.

The McCrory Family Has Now Expanded

A family of four ready to welcome triplets was in dire need of a reconstruction. Gratefully, their wishes were answered when ‘Extreme Makeover’s’ team came to their front door. Within seven days, the team created a house that wouldn’t just accommodate Thomas and Deirdre, their children Rory and Andrew, but also made room for Grandma Marie and the babies that were yet to come.

Profile photo of Thomas McCrory
Image Credit: Thomas McCrory/LinkedIn

Since their appearance on the show, the Costa Mesa family has largely kept their life under wraps. Later, Sea Pointe Construction did a rundown on their involvement with the family home and how a house with a master bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, dining area, and 2 bedrooms had ultimately doubled in size. Not just this, their house also included a nursery for the newborns and additional rooms for their toddler sons. The patriarch, Thomas, has continued to climb the ladder of success. The industry leader is now the SVP Head of Global Sales for Incorta in Newport Beach, California.

Where is the Harris Family Now?

Albeit a person loved and adored by her neighborhood, Alice Harris faced several challenges when it came to maintaining her house. Having lived and worked with the people of her area for 35 years, ‘Sweet’ Alice Harris received an unexpected obstacle when her house and her block were flooded in a storm. To ensure that her husband, daughter, and two grandchildren do not face the ire of a decrepit household, she enlisted the help of ‘Extreme Makeover.’

Ultimately, the doctoral recipient’s prayers were answered, and so were those of others. Ty, Constance, Dawn, Paul, and Tracy helped numerous people even around the block. Years later, the 89-year-old community organizer is still loved by all. The founder and executive director of Parents of Watts, Alice, has been facilitating outreach among youth exponentially. The television personality has been celebrated by ‘Black History Matters’ and even met Vice President Kamala Harris for her devotion to uplifting black businesses and transforming the lives of children in Watts, California.

The Zitek Family is Now Attaining New Goals

With consistent instances of misfortune, the Zitek family was battling several battles when Ty Pennington and his team graced their doorstep in Ventura, California. Having been in a car accident years ago, Robert Gil was rendered paralyzed from the neck down. Ultimately, her mother, Clara, had to leave her job to ensure full-time care for her son.

Profile photo of Lon Zitek
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To purge the family of their worries, the team didn’t just create an accessible household but also included an aquatic therapy pool and an elevator that would help Robert navigate his way through the house. Almost a decade later, the Zitek family has made countless improvements. Lon has been working as a Business Taxes Representative for the California State Board of Equalization. Similarly, other members of the household have also earned professional and personal success.

The Hardin Family Makes Consistent Progress Even Today

The Hardins were in serious need of a house makeover so as to accommodate an additional member into their family. After years, Freeman Hardin Jr. found his father and hoped to fulfil his family. However, Freeman’s father ended up living in the garage with no extra space in the house to accommodate the patriarch. Ultimately, the team didn’t just create more space for the Hardins but also converted the trailer into a state-of-the-art movie theater. Since then, the Hardins have explored other paths of success. Freeman has been working as a real estate agent in California. The television personality has an array of listings for California residents to explore on the website of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

The Tugwell Family Has Continued to Grow Personally and Professionally

फ़ोटो के बारे में कोई जानकारी नहीं दी गई है.
Image Credit: Susan Tugwell/Facebook

After an unforeseen incident wrecked their family home, the Tugwells and their family were distraught. When an SUV crashed into their Long Beach house, the Tugwells had no choice but to leave the injured house. Even though the family was fortunate enough to get out of the plight safely, the destroyed house led the family to take refuge in a motel. The team of ‘Extreme Makeovers’ didn’t just renovate their house but also became a vital part of the family’s journey by facilitating Melissa, the Tugwell’s daughter’s engagement to her boyfriend. John and Susan have since retired and are enjoying time with their grandchildren. Likewise, their children and extended family are also creating new milestones in life.

The Walswick Family Now Keeps A Low Profile

Having lost her husband to cancer, Martha Walswick was encountering unexpected obstacles as a single mother of nine. With very little space to accommodate the ten family members, the Walswicks were facing a myriad of challenges. Ultimately, Ty Pennington and his team managed to create a space that wouldn’t just accommodate the little unit but also give ample space for the individuals to bond and relax.

Years since their Yorba Linda house was renovated, the Walswicks have been focused on a myriad of things. The children of the house – Eric, Christopher, Emily, Phillip, Gregory, Corinne, Bridget, and two others have since ventured out onto different paths. While the family has kept a low profile in the realm of media, we continue to hope that they’ve mapped the road to success since!

The Powell Family is Growing Strong as a Unit Even Today

With severe mold and dust allergies, Keenan Powell’s health posed several challenges for the family as they tried to make their house dust-free and hypoallergenic as it could possibly be. Things were more difficult for Carrie, the matriarch who had to keep up with numerous directives to ensure a house was bereft of dust. Ultimately, with the help of the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team, the Powells were able to receive a renewed structure free of any existing issues. Moreover, they also got a state-of-the-art filtration system to ensure better living conditions. Since their appearance, Carrie and her sons, Christopher and Keenan, have been focusing on individual paths. However, they like to keep their life under wraps.

Where is the Cadigan-Scott Family Now?

The Cadigan-Scott family was based in Livermore and coming to terms with a terrible loss in their lives. After their parents, Diane Scott and Mark Cadigan, passed away within three weeks of each other, their eight children had no choice but to fend for themselves. The older siblings had decided to move everyone into the family home to ensure that each individual was looked after. However, the presence of one bathroom and cramped spaces meant that the children could hardly co-exist harmoniously.

Extreme makeover - Cadigan-Scott Family - YouTube

To ensure the best, Ty, Constance, Michael, Paul, Preston, and Tracy managed to revamp the house and even create a rock-and-roll-themed room for the children to let their hair down. The children – Kelly Ann, Daniel Janice, Dolly, Jennifer, Rachel, Jackie, and Theresa have continued to create new milestones. After the departure of their parents, the local community stepped up to open a trust fund and help the children with minor renovations around the house. Jennifer and Janice were awarded legal guardianship of their minor siblings. Since their time on the show, the siblings have remained out of the spotlight.

The Imbriani Family is Now Making New Milestones

A unique turn of events had brought the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team to Brook Imbriani’s doorstep. After Brook donated her blood at a local blood drive, she was told that her bone marrow was a match for a little girl with leukemia. To help Brook and her family, Nancy Ramirez, the young girl’s mother, decided to nominate the Imbrianis for a home makeover. To further help them, the team of ‘Extreme Makeover’ transformed Brook’s house and created a fascinating living space for her two children: her mother, her sister, her brother-in-law, and her nephew. Now, the family has been exploring new avenues of success as a little unit. However, they have remained quiet on life’s new updates.

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