Ginyard Family From Extreme Makeover Are Leading a Happy Life Now

Eradicating withholding elements and helping families turn a new leaf, ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ chronicles the journey of contractors, designers, and workers as they race to rebuild an entire house for those in need. The home improvement reality television show is hosted by Ty Pennington and features families who have been hit hard and are receiving help in their journey to progress. Released in 2005, season 3 of the ABC reality show featured the travails of the Ginyard family in episode 6. As the crew undertakes the behemoth task of transforming a two-bedroom home into a house befitting nine members, several exciting themes follow. But now, if you’re simply curious to know the whereabouts of the family members, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

The Ginyard Family’s Extreme Makeover Journey

Navigating the throes of domestic issues, matriarch Veronica Ginyard faced challenges at every corner. The mother-of-eight consistently struggled to provide the utmost comforts of life for her children. Despite having nine members in the household, the family lived in a humble two-bedroom home on Urn Street in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Before the crew of ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ bludgeoned her roof to raise a new one, they were living in a run-down property that was filled with exposed wires and a dilapidated interior. Not only did the untreated mold pose health concerns for them all, but the children also found it hard to have their personal space.

In addition to facing problems in the household, Veronica also held emotional scars. After marrying at a young age, she became the victim of domestic abuse. For years, this mother-of-eight suffered mental, emotional, and physical challenges, that is, until she ultimately gathered the courage to walk away from her husband for good. Even so, the troubles remained aplenty, and yet she continued to work in order to provide for her children. After securing the only home she could afford, a neighbor helped Veronica submit an application to the reality television show. Consequently, a team of volunteers entered her humble abode and surprised her with the home of her dreams. Within a week, the 300 crew members bulldozed the two-bedroom place and gave way to a three-story, fully furnished house.

With six bedrooms, an intercom system, and even a security camera, the entire Ginyard Family was given a chance to start anew. While they vacationed in Walt Disney World, the ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ team revitalized the property in the hopes of helping Veronica and her children experience the life they deserved. Not only this, the mother was able to alleviate her monetary liabilities as well. The ABC team provided her with a cheque to pay off the house’s mortgage, along with an SUV and a $100,000 cheque for the children’s college education. The surreal experience left Veronica in awe and astonishment.

Ginyard Family: Where Are They Now?

Having received a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn a new leaf, Veronica and her children managed to embrace the newfound changes in their lives. They actually devoted themselves to their new home’s upkeep as well as maintenance, and they have since remained committed to preserving the household’s design, furniture, and fixtures. The mother-of-eight has apparently even tried to keep every item just as the reality show team left it to be. The eight children — Richard, Preston, Jordan, Perri, Kelsey, Lauren, John, and Kerri — have managed to find their individual footing and create new milestones. Now adults with booming careers, they like to keep their professional and personal information under wraps. Yet, it does appear as if they’re thriving in their careers, relationships, and families.

Similarly, Veronica has managed to implement several changes in her life. She no longer remains engorged in bills and impending mortgage payments. Instead, the television personality has managed to focus on herself and spend quality time with her children. She has made equal strides in her professional life as well. Initially, Veronica started working as a motivational speaker. Having been the recipient of abuse and neglect, she used her lived experiences to help other victims find the courage they needed. She actually worked with the House of Ruth Maryland in this role and even helped those at the local domestic violence center. Though since establishing herself in community outreach and speaking engagements, she has decided to expand her horizons.

Shortly after, Veronica started working as a Representative for AVON, a makeup brand. Still based in Maryland, the loving grandmother is also a representative for Mary Kay. In addition to giving herself a makeover, she also hopes to embrace new opportunities at every junction. On the personal front, the mother-of-eight likes to keep tight-lipped and does not divulge information about her relationships publicly. Nevertheless, Veronica has continued to serve as an inspiration for many. She has also inspired her neighbors and loved ones to reinvent their households. Naturally, we’re all excited about the professional and personal milestones the Ginyard family will achieve in the future!

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