Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 10: Where Are the Families Now?

Overcome by unfortunate events, HGTV’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ follows the journey of families who have had to bear difficult situations. In the wake of personal and familial issues, the individuals find their houses undone by the trying circumstances. Given their situation, a team of designers and contractors step in to help the families. After its initial run on ABC for nine seasons, Jesse Tyler Ferguson returns with another season of the series. Seeing them transform the lives and homes of families, fans have continued to wonder more about the people featured in the latest iteration of the series.

The Barobis Family is Still A Tight-Knit Unit

Just 13, when he witnessed the murder of his father, mother, and baby sister in Congo, Ashraf Barobi knew the lengths he had to go to keep himself safe. To ensure their safety, Ashraf and his remaining sisters remained in hiding for two months before making their way to a refugee camp in Uganda. Having reunited with their aunt and cousin, the family of six received refugee status in Ogden, Utah. While their escape to the States gave them safety, the life they deserved was still a dream. To help them live in a suitable home, Jesse Tyler and the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team managed to create a brand new home for the family. However, a new home wasn’t all that the family won. In addition to this, the children also received scholarships to facilitate a better path in the future.

Once a 13-year-old who saved his sisters from the cruelty of the rebels and violence, Ashraf is now a proud college graduate living in a gorgeous six-bedroom home courtesy of the HGTV team. The family’s home has been built on donated land and is electrically efficient, too. Other members of the Barobi family, including Anifah Barobi, Habiba Kaviira, Zulufa Kabul, and Azida Kahindo, are also looking forward to creating new milestones in their new home.

The Mayo Family Are Actively Supporting Their Community

Kelly Mayo had devoted her life to paying the debt forward. She worked at Legacy House Assisted Living and had been best friends with Ashen, a young woman born with Down Syndrome. Along with her daughter, Michelle, Kelly had purchased a home to help serve more members of the community. However, in 2016, a tornado struck her house and affected the plumbing. Since then, the family has been dealing with mold and water damage consistently.

With the help of a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and contractors, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team was able to undo the damage incurred upon the house of the Mayo Family and give their home a new solid structure. Since the show, Kelly and her family have continued to be aa vital member of society. Based in Washington Terrace, Utah, Kelly, her daughter, and granddaughter continue to live in the bliss of their newly constructed home. In addition to this, Kelly is now working as an Executive Chef and Food Service Director at Abington Senior Living of Layton. She continues her association with Legacy House Assisted Living, as well. The gardening enthusiast continues to enjoy her time with her loved ones.

The Mosley Family is Embarking On New Paths

Jessica Mosley’s story unfolded in ‘Extreme Makeover’ and how she and her five kids needed a new home. The social worker and single mom had two biological kids, Jordyn and Makenzie. She was also a mother to her other adopted kids, Miguel, Cheyenne, and Annie. Even though Jessica had a home thanks to her father, everything came crashing down when he died in a tragic accident. Since then, she and her children had been living with Jessica’s mother, Pamela and sharing a three-bedroom and one-bathroom house.

Luckily, the family received a wonderful surprise when the designers, volunteers, and contractors pulled up in front of their house. Since then, their humble abode has received a Spanish California makeover and is now capable of accommodating all of them. Since the show, Jessica has continued to work as a social worker for a local foster care and adoption agency in California. Her children have continued to make new milestones in their academic lives, too.

The Joseph Family is Involved in the Community Even Today

Deon had become an inspiration to his family and his community in Los Angeles. The police officer from Skid Row wasn’t unknown to drug crime, violence, and other issues. However, his work and consistent devotion to the people of the community had made him a beloved person. While his work in the community had allowed him to gain the love and adoration of everyone around, the family desperately needed a fix-it for their home that was originally built in 1943.

Ultimately, with the help of Jesse Tyler and countless others, the family managed to gain a home that would cater to their unique needs. Since then, Deon, his wife, and his children have continued to enjoy their life in their opulent house. Deon is now a law enforcement consultant and has been working as a public speaker and community policing expert. The homeless advocate has even published books like ‘Diary of a Skid Row Cop’ and ‘Stepping Across the Line: A Skid Row Cop’s Story.’

The Washingtons Are Growing as Professionals

Thom Washington had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer but wasn’t deterred by the challenge that life presented. Instead, he continued to venture forth with the support of his wife, Stephanie, her sister, Terri, and their daughter, Kennedi. Almost a year later, he managed to win the battle against cancer and walk away healthy. Since then, the family has been running Engage the Vision, a mentorship program in Los Angeles that could help at-risk-youth give back and accumulate into the community.

While their altruistic deeds had kept them busy, their home was in desperate need of a facelift. Luckily, Jesse Tyler, Darren, Carrie, and Breegan managed to work together and give the family a fresh start as well as a new home. The ‘Extreme Makeover’ team completed the house within five days. Since the show, Thom has continued to embark on new challenges with the love and support of his family. The chemical engineer is also a devout and a pastor for his local community. When he’s not working, he likes to use his experience and knowledge to spread the word of God. He is also a songwriter and author, too. Fans can head over to iTunes to listen to his melodious tracks. Having been married to Stephanie for more than 25 years, the couple continues to embark on new phases of their lives hand in hand.

The Holtzclaw Family Are As Close As Ever

Jeff and Emily Holtzclaw had purchased their Covina home with big dreams in mind. However, all of that came crashing down when Jeff got into a motorcycle accident. A severe collision threw Jeff off his bike and left him in the hospital for a whole month. In order to save his life, the doctors had to amputate his right leg just below the knee. When they arrived home, Emily and Jeff realized that his wheelchair could no longer fit through the doors of their and their daughters’ bedrooms. To help the family overcome their bout of trouble, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team decided to step in.

Image Credit: HGTV

Ultimately, the family got a home that wouldn’t just fit Jeff’s wheelchair into the bedrooms of all family members but even made sure that each corner was accessible. Since the season came to a close, Jeff, a teacher at Margett Pathway Academy, has continued to influence the lives of those around him. In addition to teaching science and maths to young children, he also works with students who have grown up in gangs, are under probation, and have seen abject poverty. From dealing with court dates to meeting social workers, he has continued to show kindness to numerous students and shape young lives in a positive manner.

The Fifita Family is Thriving Even Today

Living in Hawthorne, California, Brian and Lisa and their five children desperately needed a home that could cater to their lives. Having lost one of their family members to gang violence, the Fifitas had hoped to find a home that wouldn’t just be a safe haven for them but even help accommodate their friends and family in times of need. For their consistent devotion to the community, the couple even won the local Parents Hero Award and helped numerous people around them.

While the family had hoped to create a home representative of their Tongonese values, the number of unending repairs had made it impossible for them to create the property of their dreams. Ultimately, the designers of the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team stepped in to help the family realize their modern Polynesian dream. Now, the owners of a tropical oasis, Brian and Lisa, have since been celebrating new milestones in their lives. The couple recently celebrated Brian’s 50th birthday in Tahiti, surrounded by lavish green.

The Reeder Family is Overcoming Grief Together

Nick, a firefighter in California, had been raising his three daughters singlehandedly after his wife, Amanda, passed away unexpectedly. During the birth of their twin girls, she ended up having fatal complications and left behind her husband to raise their three daughters. Since then, the single parents of Kaia, Kelce, and Layla have managed to make countless sacrifices to ensure the well-being and safety of their girls. Not just this, Nick’s mother, Jeanine had also moved in to provide extra help.

The family had downsized their home to a 900-square-foot two-bedroom apartment and had been grieving the loss of their matriarch and home. In the end, to help them leave behind past woes, the HGTV team stepped in and provided a comfortable house that would honor Nick’s wife and even be the threshold for their beaming future. Since the show, Nick and his three daughters have continued to face forward and find new avenues of success as a tight unit.

The Merlos and Olivares Families Are Best Friends Even Today

Mario Merlos and Ernesto Olivares were lifelong best friends and combat veterans, who had even grown up together who first met in elementary school. Having served in the Marine Corps, the best friends had devoted their lives to their country right after they graduated from high school. However, their life in the military meant that the duo were away from their families quite often. Even their marriages to their wives, Amy and Stephanie, had their share of ups and downs since the duo had to be away a lot. The friends had hoped to create a home that would accommodate their families and their children.

With the help of a dedicated team of designers and contractors, the duo received a modern farmhouse duplex that would cater to the life and needs of all the Merlos and Olivares families. Since the show, the two families have been growing on their personal and professional paths. Once a Procurement Manager, Mario has now been working as an Electronic Technician with the US Navy. From dealing with aircraft as an aviation maintenance manager in the military, Ernesto has even worked in Administration for the Marine Corps. Now, the two enjoy lives with their respective families. Mario and Stephanie now live with their daughters, Leah and Camilla in their new home. Similarly, Ernesto also enjoys happiness with his wife, Amy, and their children, David and Elizabeth.

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