Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 8: Where Are the Families Now?

ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ chronicles the journey of families who remain unfettered in the face of tragedy. From encountering personal obstacles to climbing natural calamities, the series features the highs and lows of individuals who are undeterred by the unexpected. Helping individuals overcome tragedy, a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and contractors come together to renovate and build a house for several families. Years since season 7 came on air, fans have continued to wonder more about the individuals and their whereabouts.

The Lutz Family is Still Undeterred By Obstacles

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Kathleen and her numerous siblings grew up under the love and care of their late parents, John and Grace. The heavenly couple were unable to have children of their own and had therefore given love and adoration to a total of 18 adopted children. Seven of their kids also had Down Syndrome. After the passing of their parents, the Lutzs’ 40-year-old house was in dire need of repair. Since Kathleen had given up her career to take care of her six Down siblings, she had little time and financial capacity to facilitate a home construction.

The worst came for the family when Kathleen was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer and had a grand mal seizure. Now, elder brother, John Jr., left his career as a gymnastics coach to take care of Kathleen and other siblings. While medical bills were just a hiccup, their home’s crumbling structure was an even bigger impediment. Luckily, the siblings received the gift of their life when Ty Pennington and his team reconstructed their house in Long Island, New York. Since the show, the family has kept a low profile. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that they’ve since made countless strides as a family.

The Johnson Family Continues to Prosper

Eric and Elaine Johnson were marriage counselors in Texas and tried to help couples see through the rough waters. As parents to five daughters, the couple was always busy with one thing or the other. To help the young girls and their parents live in the house of their dreams, Ty Pennington and his team drove to Houston and helped them out. Now, Elaine and Eric continue to reign in the industry of counseling.

With 28 years of experience, the duo has continued to help countless individuals define their life’s goals and come to terms with the struggles that are plaguing their relationships. The couple also provides personal developmental tools for their clients to help them maintain their emotional well-being and get better results at work and at home. In addition to providing relationship advice, they also work as life coaches. The individuals have even been staunch advocates of the Black Lives Matter movement. When they’re not providing workshops and seminars, they like to take to their Instagram and share the latest tips and tricks to improve interpersonal relationships.

The Arboleda Family Still Helm Move to the Groove

Rhex and Claire, originally from the Philippines, had hoped to fulfill an altruistic vision in America. While Rhex was working to prevent childhood obesity through his initiative Move to the Groove, Claire was involved in the upbringing of their five children and catering to families through the dance program. The family of seven had a hard time living in a small house that had nothing more than a small bedroom and just one bathroom. To help the family overcome their cramming issues, the team of ‘Extreme Makeover’ managed to rebuild their house into a befitting structure that could house seven people. Since the show, the couple has continued to spread their message and take their nonprofit to new heights. Their fitness program has even won awards. Rhex, a music teacher from Neenah, Wisconsin, has since been working on spreading awareness about obesity and taking Move to the Groove to new levels. Their program has since been adopted by several elementary schools.

The Urban Family Ultimately Sold Their Home

Trisha Urban and her husband, Andy, were set to kickstart their life with their newborn daughter, Cora when the unexpected struck. Tragically, the day Cora was born, Andy died of a heart attack. After his passing, Trisha decided to take her grief and turn it into something else altogether. She started spreading awareness by collaborating with the American Heart Association and Cora’s Hope. Since the care of a young child and her work in society kept her busy, Trisha did not have the time to renovate her family’s century-old home.

After the show, Trisha scheduled tours of her house for fans of the show to take a closer look. Not just this, she also began speaking at various local organizations and talked about her inspiring journey. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to working with organizations like Opportunity House, Bridge of Hope Berks County, and the Boy Scouts. She also partnered up with the Home Builders Association of Berks County and Restoring Hope Foundation to help families get the makeover their house serves. Alas, not too later, after the show, Trisha had to say goodbye to her house. The family sold their property in 2013 and have since kept their lives under wraps.

The Marshall-Spreier Family Has Helped Others Too

Jane Marshall-Spreier and her eight children were living in an old house that was in desperate need of repair. As a breast cancer survivor, Jane had hoped to start anew and head onto new paths with her children after beating cancer. However, their hopes were crushed when their house caught fire unexpectedly. The family wouldn’t have survived if their dog, Betsy, hadn’t woken them up. Nevertheless, the family was now left with a shell of a house and nothing more. In a feat to help the Marshall-Spreier family overcome their bout of misfortune, Ty Pennington and his team took up a monumental project. Since the show, the Marshall-Spreier family has continued to help others, too. In 2012, when news of a significant fire in the area reached Jane and her children, they decided to host a concert and donate the proceeds to the members affected by the fire.

The Anderson Family is Managing the Ability Awareness Center

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Hailing from Maple Heights, Ohio, the Anderson family comprised Andre and Jasmine Anderson, a couple who were visually impaired. The couple were also parents to two children, one of whom is hearing impaired. Along with their guide dog, Valentine, the Anderson family was surprised by Ty Pennington and his team. In the end, the family didn’t just get a new home free from issues but also received a smart house that would cater to the specific needs of the family. After the show, the family spoke about an instance of discrimination when they and their guide dog were thrown out of a restaurant for having a service animal. The Ohio family has since kickstarted The Ability Awareness Center to help families find the respect they deserve. In addition to teaching workshops, the nonprofit also teaches disability etiquette to corporations and an array of clients.

The Gaston Family is Focusing On Their Personal Growth

Finis, a young man, readily takes in his sister’s children after a terrible accident renders them orphaned. In addition to putting his college studies on hold, Finis devotes his time to the community by volunteering for the cheerleading squad. The little family was living in a foundationally decrepit rented house, which meant that Ty and his team could not tear it down. In lieu of renovating their current house, the Gaston family received a home on a new land, thanks to the donation of Escambia County. While the house gave the Finis family security and a roof over their heads, this wasn’t everything that the family received. The Gastons also received a sufficient amount of funds to help them cover the maintenance costs of their house. The young children even won a scholarship to finish college. Since the show, the family has decidedly kept a low profile. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that they’ve since achieved personal and professional success.

Garrett Grommesh Faced Time with the Law

Garrett Grommesh was living in an antiquated home in Minnesota. Since the ten-year-old had spina bifida, it was difficult for him to navigate his home freely. Despite facing tough conditions, the family was moved by their son’s condition to help others. As such, they decided to create Hope Inc., a health and recreation program that helped people with similar mobility issues. During the show, Garrett and his family decided to give their old home to Garrett’s friend and classmate, Arlinda Hajdari, who had just relocated to the United States from Kosovo. In the end, the Grommesh family didn’t just win a new home but also found that their interiors were now accessible to Garrett.

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After the show, the family and Garrett faced several ups and downs. Not too later, after their appearance on the season, Garrett had to be put in a medically-induced coma for an intestinal surgery that had sent him into septic shock. His kidneys had also stopped functioning for a while. His lungs were also filled with fluid, and he had to be put on a ventilator to breathe. While he managed to overcome the bout of medical issues, he came under the spotlight once again in 2019. Authorities brought three charges of possession of child pornography against Garrett. He was also charged with six other counts of possession of child pornography. He later accepted a plea agreement against these charges. Consequently, seven charges were dropped, and a judge ordered Grommesh to register as a predatory offender, provide a DNA sample, and stay off the internet or social media.

The Lampe Family is Now Keeping Things Private

Jeff Lampe was running a successful tree-cutting business when an untreated hernia became the cause of severe problems. No longer did the family function as normally as Jeff had to cut back on his work. Despite facing a difficult time, the Lampes were still readily available to the members of the community. Instead of giving into their situation, the family used their garage as a training facility to help teach teens wrestling. Given their consistent devotion to the community, Ty Pennington and his team decided to step in and help them. In addition to giving them the house of their dreams, the Lampes also received a bridged tree house made by treetop builders in the family’s backyard. Since the show, Jeff and his family have remained decidedly quiet about their life and stray away from social media.

The Simpson Family Has Since Sold Their Home

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Jim and Carmen Simpson were living in a run-down house in Georgia with their children. However, the dire condition of their home soon became a threat to Zoe, their youngest son. The couple’s miracle baby was born with a deadly condition and wasn’t expected to survive. As such, they survive. However, despite medical predictions, Zoe’s eyes healed on their own, and he could breathe upon being born without external intervention. While the Simpson family was now complete, their house was still far from ideal. In the end, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team stepped in to help the family find their forever home free from any issues. While the family was vacationing, the ABC team built them a new house and even got them a new Ford Explorer. Not too long after they received their dream home, the family decided to put up their house for sale. The family came to the decision after they were set to welcome another baby into their family. Since making the sale, the Simpsons have kept things under wraps.

The Graham Family Still Enjoys Living in Their Home

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Based in Georgia with her two children, Earnie was focused on making ends meet to help raise her children properly. While her primary focus was on the care of her children, she also helped other kids find the right path through her work with the Girl Scouts of the USA. To help the Graham family find renewed hope, Ty Pennington and his team surprised Earnie at the Girl Scouts office and built them a new home. Not just this, the family of three even received a Ford Explorer. Since Earnie’s old cabin had burned down, it was difficult for the troop leader to take the girls on adventures. The ABC team also decided to rebuild a new cabin at Camp Tanglewood, named after Earnie. Most recently, Earnie sat for an interview with Bill Beazley Homes and talkeds about the life-changing experience that they underwent. They have since even opened their homes to fans of the show.

The Brown Family Still Overlooks the RAB Foundation

With pop stars like Justin Beiber and Emma Roberts in the episode, the Brown family received a monumental surprise when Ty Pennington and his team came knocking on their own. Jeanne and Johnny Mac were parents to 12-year-old Katrina and the late Alex. The couple had lost their eldest to a texting-while-driving accident unexpectedly. The family had since made it their mission to prevent similar tragedies from ensuing. Based in Texas, the parents decided to create the Remember Alex Brown Foundation, where they delivered seminars and speeches across a number of schools.

After the show, the family’s younger daughter, Katrina, enrolled in Texas Tech University. She decided to pursue ISD distance education so that she could complete her classes, travel with her parents, and spread awareness about their cause. She also had a YouTube show entitled ‘Katrina’s Corner.’ Since the show, the RAB Foundation has continued to highlight the gravity of safety on the road and corroborate the effects of texting and life-risks on countless young students.

The Hurston Family Still Provides Relief To Affected Communities

Joe and Cindy, along with their three children, were committed to providing relief for families affected by disasters. The Hurstons were working to bring medical supplies to the people of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. However, during this time, their own home got water damage. To help the Hurstons, the ABC team decided to rebuild their home and provide a furnished house capable of housing the five and their supplies. Not just this, the team also decided to send clean drinking water and purifiers to the people in Haiti.

Since the show, the family has continued to devote their time to the care of others. Joe Hurston, the Christian missionary pilot, continues serving as the Air Mobile Ministries President. Having been in the industry for more than four decades, the Hurstons have even organized holiday fundraisers by organizing a tour of their home in 2019. Most recently, Cindy, a certified nurse, and her husband flew to Ukraine to provide relief to the countless individuals affected by the war. Besides their work, Cindy and Joe continue to establish new milestones as a couple, parents, and grandparents.

The Zeigler Family is Trying to Overcome Impediments

Patrick and Jessica were engaged to be married. However, their plans for marriage were put on hold when Patrick, a Staff Sergeant in Iraq, got wounded in a brutal shooting incident in 2009. The Fort Hood cop was caught in gunfire at Foot Hood, where 13 people were killed, and more than 30 people were injured. Even though Jessica remained by her fiance’s side throughout the recovery, the couple had to put up in a temporary home and put wedding planning on hold.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
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Much to their surprise, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team didn’t just give the couple home to help them kickstart their life together but also hosted their opulent wedding. Since the show, the couple has welcomed their son, Liam, and have managed to map a long and harrowing journey together. Even ten years later, the television personality has faced struggles. His left arm is mostly unusable, and the wounds on the left side of his open often turn to open sores and are slow to heal.

Having lost 20% of his brain due to the accident, he’s been combating other issues, too. In an interview with American Statesman, Patrick confessed, “I have irritability and frustration beyond measure. That’s mostly just due to my disabilities.” The two-time combat veteran and father has since authored his account of the war in ‘Both Ends of the Barrel: From the Troop Surge to Fort Hood A Dozen Years in the Global War.’

The Hall Family is Still Making Milestones

Carl and Stacy were the parents of three daughters and one son. The high school sweethearts had held through the thick and thin without any issues. Carl, a Wichita State University graduate and college baseball player, was always active and involved in several things. One fateful day, when Carl and his oldest daughter, Megan, were driving to a sporting event, their car unexpectedly lost control and landed on the passenger side first. It was later found that Carl was now paralyzed from the neck down.

To keep up with the medical bills, Stacy had to sell their home and move into a temporary home in Kansas. To help them overcome the spell of tragedy, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team gave Carl and his family a new home donated by the Wichita State. This home was now accessible for the baseball savant. Since the show, Carl has continued to work on different things. He went on to research and author a workbook for people who have also sustained serious spinal injuries.

The Hill Family Has Since Been Helping Others

Living in Virginia with her six daughters, Beverly Hill was raising her six adopted daughters without any help. However, keepign up with the bills of the family meant that she had little time to devote to their home. In the end, Ty Pennington and the team constructed a new home for the seven members. After the show, Beverly went on to host several homeless families in her newly constructed home until they could stand back on their feet. She later went on to work with Just for Kids Preschool and the Child Care Center. She has also volunteered with the StandUp for Kids program.

The Dickinson Family Now Own A Food Truck

Once a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps, Bill was deployed to Afghanistan while his wife, India, balanced jobs and their five children. Everything went well with the couple and their kids, Grant, Briana, Izzy, Bay, and Sophia, until Sophia got sick. When they discovered that the reason for Sophia’s health issues was black mold, they realized they needed renovation. After the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team helped complete their house, the worst came for the family in the winter of 2020. Incidentally, one day, the family’s three dogs began barking, and the family quickly realized that their dining room was engulfed in flames. The family later turned the misfortune into an opportunity and have since opened Beach Bums Barbecue, a smokehouse restaurant on Saint Helena Island.

The Prewitt Brewer Family Are Still Tight-Knit

Carrie Prewitt was a volleyball coach and the legal guardian of her three teenage sisters, Ashley, Taylor, and Gina. Having been their legal guardian for two years, Carrie was trying to ensure that her siblings could overcome the loss of their parents, who had lost the battle with drugs. To help the young women stand on their feet, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team.

The family received more good news upon realizing that their mortgage was paid and that the University of North Florida offered complete scholarships to all three girls. After the show, Carrie continued to coach volleyball at Middleburg. She retired from coaching in 2022 and has now been spending her time hiking and sharing her life on YouTube. Ashley has since moved to Green Cove Springs. Similarly, Taylor ventured to California, and Gina has been living in Keystone Heights.

The Sharrock Family Has Lost A Valuable Member

Patrick Sharrock was born with a brittle bone disease. Only nine when the show had aired, the young boy had already broken at least 59 bones in his body. Naturally, his parents, Michael and Cindy, were always concerned about his well-being. Therefore, to help Patrick settle in his house without any issues, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team decided to create a house without hard floors and provide railings that would help Patrick navigate the residence much more smoothly. In 2017, the family’s valuable member, Patrick, ended up passing away in his sleep. He had gone on to become a class president at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School. He was also an inspiring comedian and wanted to overcome several obstacles. Alas, his loss has left a significant void in the hearts of his family and loved ones.

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