Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 9: Where Are the Families Now?

ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ follows the journey of families who receive a second chance and a new home by a team of equipped designers and contractors. The reality television show features individuals whose lives have been overturned by personal battles. To help them start anew, Ty Pennington and a team of dedicated engineers revamp the dilapidated houses of the families. Years since season 9 first came to television, fans have continued to wonder more about the people and their latest whereabouts.

The Jubilee House Has Seen Many Changes

Barbara Marshall established the Jubilee House to care for women war veterans and their families. Operating the house singlehandedly, Barbara did everything in her power to protect the veterans who’d been in combat and had to deal with several issues at home, too. Fortunately, with the help of Ty Pennington and the team of ABC, the Jubilee house got the renovation it needed to sustain longer. In the end, the Jubilee House didn’t just receive a renovated structure to facilitate its growth but also had the opportunity to meet former First Lady Michelle Obama.

After the ABC team left the premises, the Jubilee House underwent several changes. Initially, Barbara Marshall and the Jubilee House came under the radar of the authorities when the owner refused to hand out financial and other key documents to the Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section. The office had issued a subpoena for financial and occupancy documents, but Barbara Marshall initially refused to hand them over. Her refusal to cooperate with the department’s wishes had even led to an arrest during a court hearing with a Superior Court Judge. Barbara spent three days in jail and was released on the promise to cooperate with investigators.

The property was later transferred to Steps and Stages, a non-profit which meant that the property was later transferred to the secretary of state, and it no longer remained personal property. A three-year investigation by the state later alleged that Barbara Marshall kept poor financial records, and on several occasions, the utilities of the home had to be cut off because bills weren’t paid. In 2018, the home changed ownership once again and came to be known as Reveille Retreat. We believe that Family Endeavors has since taken the home’s reins.

The Gomez Family Tackles Health Scares Bravely Even Today

Jonah Gomez was just seven when his story graced audiences through the ABC show. Having been born with two different blood disorders at the same time, Jonah Gomez became the only child to have two disorders at the same time. While a bone marrow transplant could fix the disorder, none of Jonah’s relatives were a solid match, making his disorder imminent. To help the Utah family get through their bout of medical issues, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team helped the Gomezes. After the show left, the family’s bout of issues didn’t disappear. In addition to having gone through an open heart surgery and hundreds of blood transfusions, Jonah, his sister, Ellie, and their single mom, Jessica, weren’t deterred.

However, in 2022, the family had to deal with yet another health scare when Jonah’s liver suddenly stopped working. He was shifted into the PICU and had a heart rate lower than normal for quite a while. Even then, Jessica continued to look onward and seek the blessings of her community. Gratefully, Jonah managed to fight through the issue and is now healthy. Most recently, the television personality even attended his high school prom. Besides Jonah, Jessica has also faced issues of her own. Not too long ago, the mother of two was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Lipedema, a condition characterized by abnormal deposition of adipose tissue in the lower extremities. Jessica had to get surgery, without which she could’ve been put in a wheelchair and also possibly die. Her friend had even organized a GoFundMe page for the matriarch. We now believe that Jessica has since healed from the disorder.

The Rucker Family is Still Thriving

Anaiah, a nine-year-old from Madison, Georgia, was undeterred by the potential harm that could accrue when she saw a truck coming in her sister’s direction. Instead, she dove in front of the vehicle to save her younger sister. While the little one survived, Anaiah was terribly hit. Both her legs had broken, and so was her neck. She even had spleen damage in addition to losing a kidney. What made matters worse was that the only way she could’ve survived was if she received a leg amputation. In the end, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team decided to build a new home for the Ruckers on a new land, free from the ghosts of their pasts. Since their house on the old land wasn’t good, this became the perfect solution for the family to start anew. In the end, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team built a house that would accommodate the members and also be accessible for Anaiah.

Since the show, the selfless young woman has continued to map the road to success. With the support of her loved ones, friends, community, and well-wishers, she’s made several strides. In 2019,  Anaiah enrolled at Berry College, a private Christian liberal arts college in Mount Berry, Georgia. The television personality has completed her preliminary degree with a full scholarship. Having gained her ability to walk with the help of a prosthetic leg,  Anaiah’s aspirations and ambitions have continued to take her on different paths. From taking classes in entrepreneurship to finding new avenues of success, Anaiah and her family continue to create milestones as a unit.

The Korpai Family Still Advocates For Dwarfism

Based in Crawford, New York, the Korpais were unfettered by impediments at all junctions. Even when their daughter, Hailey, was born with dwarfism, the family decided to take on the challenge and help their daughter come to her own. Since Hailey’s parents served as the President and Vice President of the New York Chapter of the Little People of America, they needed a house that could accommodate the countless members of their association. Since their house served as a facility for the chapter, the Korpais were in desperate need to find a home that would be befitting for meetings and members of the facility.

After the show, James and Darlene continued to advocate for their daughter. They have even launched the Understanding Dwarfism program to help people understand the intricacies that come with the condition. Understanding Dwarfism is now the foundation for a more extensive educational and awareness program. It has been used as a tool in schools, in social discussions, for new parents, and in many other areas as a central hub for different educational opportunities. Fans can head to the organization’s website and look into everything it offers. The program and its published works have been designed to educate the general public with a simple and direct approach. Since the show, the Korpai family has welcomed another member into their family. Albeit keeping things private, we continue to hope that James, Darlene, Hailey, and Hudson are still making milestones and achieving great things.

The Keefer Family is Inspiring Others Even Today

Steve and Dawn were the parents of Brian, Colin, and Scott. The family was based in Etters, Pennsylvania and received a surprise from the ABC team following Keefer’s unique journey. Having been a gymnastics athlete in the past, Brian’s life was turned upside down when an accident during the sport left him paralyzed from the chest down. While the tragedy had surely shocked the family, the Keefers didn’t let the incident bring them down. Instead, the 21-year-old brushed himself off and didn’t let the hiccup impact his future and peasant.

In the end, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team pulled up to the family’s Newberry Township home and decided to make it accessible and beautiful for Brian. During this time, Brian decided to become more independent by taking care of himself in rehabilitation. Later, he returned to his college, Lock Haven, to secure his degree. To help his son get through his education without a hiccup, Steve decided to live with his son in his dorm and, as a result, quit his job. Not just this, his mother, Dawn, and his siblings, Colin and Scott, were equally helpful in getting him through the rough spot.

Since the show, Steve, who retired from his job at the Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna, has been enjoying life with his wife, Dawn. With a degree in recreational management, Brian has been using his knowledge to help other spinal cord-injured patients in aquatic programs. He has also been working on trying to regain arm functionality. In an interview with the York Daily Record, he confessed that he hoped to see the day when he could brush his hair, feed himself, and even use a self-driving car. We are happy to report that with the help of rigorous physical therapy, Brian has even gained partial functionality in his left hand. He has since become a motivational speaker, too.

The McPhail Family is Raising Awareness Even Today

Lindsay McPhail and her husband decided to devote their lives to the care and upbringing of their two sons, both diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum. The ‘Extreme Makeover’ gave the family a new home that would help them and their sons navigate their surroundings quite easily. After the show, Lindsay appeared on KTVL and confessed that she was on the receiving end of criticism after she appeared on the show. Nevertheless, she has continued to map the road to success as an individual. Lindsay is now the Editor-in-Chief of The Wild Woman Magazine. She has remained steadfast in her resolve to provide a better life for her children. In addition to this, the family also runs Outsider Coffee, a lucrative brand in South Carolina.

The Hill Family is Still Creating New Milestones

Tim Hill had known what it was like to survive and grow up in a bad neighborhood. For the young man, sport and activity became a consequential way to stay out of the influences and indulge in productive activities. Growing to love boxing, he later decided to devote his life to the sport and help several children in New York through boxing. He was living with Aleem, a boy he’d adopted with a similar background. The ‘Extreme Makeover’ team stepped in to provide the father-son duo a new home. No longer did the Hills reside in a decrepit household that could be dated back to 200 years. Since the show, the family has continued to succeed on their own terms. Tim is now a boxing coach at Geneva Boxing Club.

The Dunning Family is Still Feeding Countless

Dale Dunning and her husband had devoted their lives to helping families by providing food, shelter, and other items of necessities. To help the family reach their goals, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team also stepped in. In the end, the family received the new soup ranch and storage facility that would allow them to deliver the necessary relief and facilities that several people need. The Schell Brothers company donated the land for the family to kickstart a bigger operation. The Lewes philanthropist and organizer had been making 575 quarts of soup each week when the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team came to give her and Jusst Sooup Ministry a facelift.

Almost 25 years since she first started serving people, Reverend Dale Dunning has continued to help countless people with her delicious meals. The devout television personality draws inspiration for her selfless work from a pious excerpt – John 21:17, “If you love me, then feed my sheep.” Having served over 2.5 million meals as part of her mission, Dale is now the subject of a book and even a local production. Students from Cape Theatre have even created a production rounding her life, entitled “The Life of Dale Dunning: The Soup Lady.”

The Walker Family is Still Raising Their Voice Against Bullying

Image Credit: Sirdeaner Walker/LinkedIn

After losing a beloved member of their family to a severe act of bullying, the Walkers were in desperate need of a realignment. Sirdeaner Walker was living with her two children, Charles and Gloria, and even her mother and sister. After Carl, one of her children, ended up committing suicide in his house, Sirdeaner became an advocate calling attention to bullying. While the Massachusetts family had turned their trauma into something else, things still remained difficult for them. The family couldn’t bear being on the third floor of their house as that is where Carl had taken his life. In the end, the team of ‘Extreme Makeover’ created a new house for the Walker family on a different piece of land.

Since the show, Sirdeaner has emerged as a vital face in the fight against bullying. She has even testified in support of anti-bullying legislation passed in Massachusetts. She had been working as a Public Speaker at GLSEN. Not just this, she continued to work as the Program Director of Homeless Services for M.C.D.I. and had been nationally recognized for her tireless devotion to the cause. Alas, in 2016, the advocate for anti-bullying breathed her last. Having been surrounded by her friends and family, Sirdeaner and Carl’s memory now lives on in the minds of her children and Carl’s siblings. Dominique L. Walker, Gloria A. Walker-Hoover, and Charles E. Walker-Hoover.

The Johnson-Goslee Family is

The Maryland family received a visit from the ABC team after Wyzhir, the 15-year-old son of the family, ended up chopping his hand while trying to fix the house on Christmas Eve. Despite facing such a tragedy, Wyzhir, his parents, and siblings were undeterred. Ultimately, Wyzhir received a significant opportunity and saw his house getting renovated by other experts. Local contributors even helped him get a prosthetic arm so that he could continue to step in and help other members of his community.

Inspired by the work Ty and his team had done over the years, the Mardela Springs-based teenager had also hoped to be a designer. In the end, Ty Pennington decided to let Wyzhir stay for some time during the construction process. So, not only did Wyzhir and members of his family receive a new family home, but they also had the chance to examine and observe the designing process from the very beginning.

Since the show, the family has continued to grow as a unit. While other members of the family have maintained a low profile, we are happy to report that Wyzhir has consistently climbed the ladder of success. Having graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Wor Wic Community College, he has now been working with Courtyard by Marriott as the Front Desk Lead.

The Rhodes Family is Keeping Things Under Wraps

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition · Season 9 Episode 12 · Rhodes Family - Plex

James and Jackie Rhodes endured several obstacles to keep their family together. The family of seven had been putting up in a 941-square-foot home in Columbus, Ohio. More tragedy loomed around the family after their daughter was diagnosed with a deadly tumor. However, James and Jackie did not give in to the disease or the challenges that they faced. Since the show, the family of seven has decidedly kept a low profile. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that their little unit has since grown personally and professionally.

The Gibbs Family is Focusing On New Paths

Gibbs opens her 'Extreme Makeover' home to help others

Aubrey Gibbs’ picture-perfect life was turned around when her husband died unexpectedly. To add more issues to an already tough situation, Aubrey underwent a brain aneurysm that left her legally blind seven months after her husband’s passing. As the legal guardian of her six children, the Iowa woman had been undergoing the unexpected. No longer capable of renovating the house on her own, Aubrey sought the help of the ABC team. Ultimately, Ty Pennington and the team of designers did not just provide the family with a new home but also helped find solace in other aspects.

A local brand named Moore’s Foods in West Union committed to providing the family with  $5,000 worth of groceries for a whole year. Not just this, the local fitness center in Fayette County also offered family memberships to Aubrey and her children. The cherry on the cake was the offer made by Upper Iowa University and the Northeast Iowa Community College. Both the educational institutions decided that would also provide scholarships for Gibbs’ children, and donors and fundraisers helped pay off the mortgage. Since the show,

The Joplin Families Are On Different Paths

Considering the whopping damage and loss that the Joplin Tornado wreaked on countless families in Missouri, Ty Pennington and his team of designers decided to use their tools and knowledge to help several families across town. Seeing that as many as 7,500 structures were damaged by the natural calamity, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team decided to help numerous families through the show. The team had managed to construct about 2,000 square feet of houses for as many as seven families with a whopping volunteers of 14,000.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition | Joplin Build | 200th & Final Episode - YouTube

Since the show, all families have diverged onto individual paths and focused on their growth. Tom and Emily Walters had received a renewed beach house that was no longer tainted by the harsh and striking features of the tornado. While their newly constructed safe home had put a stop to consistent moving, the family ultimately decided to sell the house. After the couple welcomed twins into the world, they realized that their family needed more space. As such, they decided to sell their house and have since been living locally.

Similarly, Crystal Cogdill also found herself taking a drastic step not too long after she first received the house. Having received a modern home that would cater to her and her son David’s needs, the family had decided to look forward and forget the loss of a valuable member. Since Crystal had lost her other son in the tornado, she and David had hoped that the new house would be a blessing and help them recover. However, the truth was far different as Crystal felt frozen in time. She has since sold the house but remains thankful to the ABC team for their selfless effort. Finally, Thang Nguyen, a pilot in the Vietnam War, and the Whitely family are the only two families who have retained the ‘Extreme Makeover’ home. Thee other last three homes belonged to Scott and Natalie Ely, Jill Howard, and Justin and Kari Nevins. All of these people have sold their renovated and refurbished homes for different reasons. Nevertheless, we continue to wish the Joplin families the very best.

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