Fact Check: Is Welven da Great Dead?

Contrary to rumors, Welven da Great or Welven Harris, is not dead and is doing well. Welven is best known for his sense of humor, which becomes evident in ‘Joking Off’ and ‘The Wayback: A Real YouTube Rewind.’ However, he rose to popularity due to the ‘Deez Nuts’ comedy sketch. Since then, Welven has amassed an increasing number of fans who adore him. His celebrity status has been cemented by the people he hangs out with, and you can see there were some rumors that he’d gotten Amber Rose pregnant.

But, how did the recent rumors about Welven’s death begin?

Welven da Great Death Rumors, Explained:

Firstly, there doesn’t seem to be any basis or source for Welven’s death rumor. We could not even trace it back to a single hoax site that might have led the situation to snowball. However, on the internet, things often start in a more innocuous manner. There’s a good chance that someone might have posted about his death on social media, and others have shared and reshared the news without verifying. Not only does this add fuel to fires unnecessarily, but we also run the risk of falling prey to hoaxes. The rumors about Welven’s death started a few days back, and you can see how one fan has tweeted about it.


Soon after the rumors started doing the rounds, a few obituary pages put up the news, stating that Welven passed away due to unknown causes. It reaffirmed the belief of several fans that the ‘Deez Nuts’ guy really died. Perhaps, Welven’s own inactivity on social media has made it easier for followers to believe that he’s dead. Going by his Instagram and Twitter profiles, Welven’s last post came in 2015, and his YouTube channel’s most recent video is two years old.

In today’s age, absence from social media is often linked with much more serious circumstances, and Welven’s fans might have been thinking along these lines. However, Welven does show up in others’ posts, even if he doesn’t have any of his own. Check out one such post from two days back, proving Welven is alive and doing well.


Here’s yet another post, which you can check out.


A fan here even commented about the rumor, causing the poster to clarify that Welven had messaged him directly during the time, so there’s no way for him to be dead, and people are making stuff up. Therefore, the rumors about Welven’s death, don’t hold any water. If we only verify the news slightly before getting carried away and sharing, we can avoid such death hoaxes altogether.

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