Fadi Fawaz: Where is George Michael’s Ex-Boyfriend Now?

Image Credit: Fadi Fawaz/Twitter

Netflix’s ‘WHAM!’ is an exciting documentary that chronicles how George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley met in high school before going on to become worldwide music phenomenons through the pop group WHAM! However, they eventually disbanded in 1986, and George continued with his solo music career before suddenly meeting his demise in 2016. At the time of his death, the pop star was in a relationship with former hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, who suddenly found himself thrust into the spotlight.

Who is Fadi Fawaz?

A native of Australia, Fadi Fawaz moved to the United Kingdom before making a name for himself as a freelance photographer. Yet, he later decided to change his field of work and subsequently became a professional hairdresser who primarily catered to public figures. In 2009, George split up with his longtime boyfriend, Kenny Goss, and it was indicated that the breakup was imminent because of the former’s alleged struggles with substance abuse. It was around this time the pop star came across and got acquainted with Fadi Fawaz, and it did not take long for the two to get comfortable with each other.

In the years that followed, Fadi and George’s relationship turned romantic, and the former helped the singer deal with numerous personal issues. Reports also suggest that George was devastated because of his breakup with Kenny, and it was Fadi who tried his best to heal the pop star gradually. However, even though George and Fadi began dating exclusively in 2012, they chose to keep the relationship under wraps and were only photographed together in 2015. Plus, in the same year, George checked into rehab in Switzerland in order to combat his apparent addiction issues, and Fadi remained beside him throughout the ordeal.

Reportedly, Fadi was the one who found George after the singer met his sudden demise on December 25, 2016, and he claimed to have called emergency services immediately. Yet, according to several sources, investigators later found evidence indicating Fadi had tried to resuscitate George on his own for about an hour before finally calling authorities. On top of this, it has been alleged the hairdresser and the pop icon had fought shortly before the latter’s death, so they did not spend George’s last night together.

Fadi Fawaz is Leading a Quiet Life Today

In the aftermath of the tragic incident, George’s friends came forward and insisted that he had broken up with Fadi in 2015 before demanding an inquiry into the singer’s last hours on Earth. Meanwhile, Fadi got into a row of his own when he posted one of George’s previously unreleased tracks on Twitter, drawing massive legal attention. On the other hand, while sources claimed that Fadi filed for a multi-million-pound pay-out in 2017 after the pop star chose to ignore him from his will, various media houses alleged that the hairdresser believed George had taken his own life. Still, readers should take such assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed.

Unfortunately, in the years following George’s death, Fadi’s life seemingly spun out of control as he ostensibly got in repeated trouble with the law. For starters, Fadi was arrested on charges of aggravated criminal damage in July 2019 after being spotted on George’s property, while later that year, several reports alleged he might be homeless. Although the homeless allegation was soon refuted, reports mention that Fadi later posted a series of tweets in which he accused George of being HIV positive and not writing his own songs. Additionally, in 2021, Fadi further faced a series of charges as he seemingly filmed himself while smoking crystal meth on Instagram before facing legal action for criminal damage and vandalization on two separate occasions. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, Fadi Fawaz currently appears to reside in London, England, where he’s trying to build a quiet life away from the public eye.

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