Family Switch Ending: How Do the Walkers Switch Their Bodies Back?

Netflix’s comedy film ‘Family Switch’ ends with the Walkers’ efforts to get their bodies switched back. Wyatt Walker seeks the help of his friend Spock to get a lens made to repair the telescope completely before the conclusion of the planets’ alignment. After garnering the lens by bidding adieu to a prized possession of Wyatt, the Walkers rush to the planetarium to bring back normalcy to their lives, only to get disappointed. Still, a Christmas miracle happens the next day as the family members wake up in their original bodies. Bill, Jess, CC, and Wyatt get their bodies back mysteriously but understandably! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Planets’ Alignment

Since the Walkers’ bodies get switched at the time of the planets’ alignment, they believe that the phenomenon caused the unbelievable occurrence that changed their lives. They rush to the planetarium to get their real bodies back, only to learn that the telescope needs repair. When the maintenance workers at the place take time to repair the same, due to the unavailability of a particular lens, Wyatt pulls some strings to garner the same. What the Walkers don’t realize is that the planets’ alignment has nothing to do with what happens to them. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that they fail to switch back to their original form despite getting the lens.

The secret behind their body swaps lies in Angelica, the mysterious woman who shows up before them whenever they need help or guidance. Angelica is the one who makes the Walkers’ body swaps happen. She uses the planets’ alignment to make the same look like the consequence of an astronomical phenomenon, likely to give the family the hope that it is possible to gain their original bodies back. Without being aware of Angelica’s involvement in their new fates, the Walkers focus on the planets’ alignment to reverse the swaps and fail. Still, they manage to undo the switch because they fulfill what Angelica wants by implementing the same.

Regaining the Family

Angelica switches the Walkers’ bodies because she wants them to reconnect with one another and mend their family. Before the switch, the Walker family was a “broken” unit. Bill and Jess’ marriage suffered without any heat or intimacy. Bill and Wyatt never connected due to their polar opposite personalities. Jess’ wish to see CC living a life correcting her mistakes increased the emotional distance between them. Although they appear as a joyful family, they have been just four individuals living under the same roof without any existing emotional connection. Angelica makes the switch so that the Walkers can form such emotional connections with one another.

When the Walkers struggle with the switch, Angelica tells them that their problems will meet an end once they repair what’s broken. That’s how they switch their bodies back. They come together as a family in their time of need with love, patience, and understanding, unintentionally mending their broken connections. While having fun at a party in the bodies of Wyatt and CC, Bill realizes that he does not go out with Jess and have fun together anymore, which helps him understand what’s really lacking in their relationship. Thus, he decides to consider the switch as an opportunity to bring the fun back to their togetherness, satisfying his wife.

While living as CC, Jess realizes that her daughter has been really trying to get better in her academics. Jess learns from CC’s mathematics teacher that the latter has changed gears to excel in the subject, which convinces her that her daughter has become a responsible individual. While Jess feels bad about undermining her daughter, CC learns about how much her mother admires and appreciates her achievements. She understands that Jess is proud of the heights she has reached as a soccer player, which clears the air between them. Jess and CC get reconnected as a mother and daughter, repairing their “broken” relationship.

Similarly, Wyatt realizes that his father Bill is not a good-for-nothing man when he learns that the latter was a part of “Maroon 6.” He understands Bill’s talents and his appeal among others, which makes him apologize to his father. Once they mend their relationship, Jess and CC support Wyatt in performing a song on behalf of Bill and his band Dead or Alive. Once these connections get repaired and Angelica gets convinced about the same, she reverses the switch for the Walkers to have their original bodies back. By the time the second switch happens, the Walkers are stronger than ever as a family.

Even when the planets’ alignment doesn’t reverse the switch, the Walkers do not stoop to utter hopelessness. They know that despite the misfortune that befalls them, they are together to help one another deal with any challenge that can trouble them. They display the strength of their family when everything goes wrong, without knowing what the future holds for them. This strength enables them to switch their bodies back. Angelica’s intervention helps them regain the bond and togetherness that form a family. Since the film is set during Christmastime, Angelica can be seen as a counterpart of Santa Claus and a repaired family is her gift to the Walkers.

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