Favia and Genevive From Race to Survive Alaska: Here’s Everything We Know

Set in the inexorable conditions of Alaska, ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ pits contestants against each other as they navigate the travails of gritty landscapes, glaciers, and terrains. The paired-up teams of 16 compete against each other to emerge glorious and win the cash prize of $500,000. Among the eight pairs on the show, the two that have made fans curious about their story are Genevive Walker and Favia Dubyk.

As the contestants find ways to make do with little amenities and unexplored wilderness, they are tested on their survival skills vehemently. The duo of Genevive Walker and Favia Dubyk has drawn the attention of curious fans for their journey and experiences. As with most reality TV show stars, the survival show has made fans eager to learn more about them.

Favia Dubyk and Genevive Walker’s Ages, Origins, and Shared Passions

Both Favia Dubyk and Genevive Walker have made an impact on fans with their experiences and left many wondering more about their journey. At 34, Dubyk is based in Albuquerque and finds the outdoors mesmerizing. As contestants make their way to source even food and water, fans are excited to see how the duo survives in the unwelcoming space of Alaska.

Genevieve Walker, on the other hand, is 33 and based in Kingston, New York. While one friend is based on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast, the forged camaraderie between the two can be traced to their interests in the outdoors. The two met at a rock-climbing festival and have been joined at the hip ever since. Not just this, the two share a deep passion for carving a space for Black female climbers and making rock climbing more accessible for people everywhere.

Favia Dubyk and Genevive Walker’s Profession

With a graduate degree from Harvard University, Dr. Favia Dubyk is a practicing physician whose interest in rock climbing brought her to ‘Race to Survive: Alaska.’ However, her journey is one filled with hardships. After she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy, she went to Columbia University to receive a Master of Science degree followed by a degree in Medical Sciences at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

While her career trajectory only went upward, she still faced struggles on the personal end. When she was a med student, Dubyk was diagnosed with cancer that created allied issues such as lung collapse and difficulty in breathing. Even so, she survived cancer and continues bewildering people with her resolute spirit. From battling cancer to navigating her passion for rock climbing with a spinal cord injury, Dubyk has always faced difficult challenges head-first despite previous health issues.

Genevive Walker, on the other hand, isn’t just a reliable partner for her best friend but also a certified rock climbing instructor and guide. Walker also has experience as a wilderness first responder and is well-adept to the inevitability and challenges nature can provide. With a degree in Psychology and 10+ years of experience in climbing, Walker is a famous internet personality known for living full-time on the road in a van for five years.

Favia Dubyk and Genevive Walker’s Partners

Both Favia Dubyk and Genevive are in happy relationships with their respective partners. While Genevieve is engaged to be married to professional photographer Scott Clark, Favia Dubyk is married to Brian Dubyk. Favia met her husband, Brian Dubyk, back in 2012 when they were students.

The two hit it off and have since then been together. Husband Brian Dubyk even shared a nine-year anniversary post that said, “Back in 2012 I was licky enough to cross paths with this strange, beautiful creature who would become my wife. From the highest of highs and lowest of lows to the mundane drudgery of everyday life, we’ve been together and we’re still going strong.” The two are raising their pets together and even expect a baby in May 2023!

Both women repeatedly showcase their relentless spirit and inequivalent desire for exploration. While how they ventured into rock climbing may differ, their merged paths have allowed them to embark upon a journey where they are unobstructed by challenges and continue to accrue riveting experiences.

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