Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Recap: All I See Is Red

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The sixth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 8, titled ‘All I See Is Red,’ revolves around the aftermath of Mo’s decision to eliminate the herd of walkers locked up at the shipyard. Morgan Jones seeks the help of Madison Clark to rescue his daughter while he suffers from visions that unsettle him. Morgan tries to convince Mo to turn back from her suicide mission but she doesn’t listen to him. PADRE’s fate gets rewritten when Shrike encounters her dead father. The engrossing episode ends with a startling cliffhanger and a significant revelation. If you are up for a detailed take on the same, let us share our thoughts regarding the episode’s climax! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

‘All I See Is Red’ begins with Madison waking up Morgan at the train car. Morgan starts to have visions that unsettle him, which makes him violently kill or hurt the people around him without remembering the same. Madison offers to help him find Mo, who has been leading the walkers to the swamp from the shipyard to kill them. They are joined by Daniel Salazar and his group as they help Morgan to stop Mo and the other children of PADRE. Mo doesn’t listen to Morgan asking her to stop leading the walkers to the swamp. Shrike asks her to locate the former’s father and find a list of coordinates of locations she wants to send the containers.

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Mo gets surrounded by walkers and Morgan tries his best to save her. He manages to locate Krennick, Shrike’s father. After Morgan and Mo escape from the swamp, Shrike encounters them. Meanwhile, she sees the turned Krennick, from whom the list of coordinates is retrieved. Rather than killing the walker who advances towards her, Shrike’s affection for her father conquers her senses, only for Krennick to bite her. Madison takes Shrike to the train car to do what the former did to an endless number of people: making a walker eat her. However, she refrains from the same and allows her brother Ben to be with her before she dies and turns. Ben is asked to bury her properly.

Finch dies after battling a severe fever for a while. Dwight and Sherry bury him and they talk about how they are experiencing immense pain one way or another. They think that they are causing pain to each other, which makes them part ways as a couple. With the presumed death of Shrike, PADRE falls as a dictatorship. Madison decides to operate the community with the children and their parents since the region is a safe place.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Ending: Who Listens to Madison’s Radio Message? Who Has Alicia’s Prosthetic Arm?

After the fall of PADRE, Madison takes responsibility for the children of the place, likely to deal with the guilt of abducting most of them in the first place. She then tries to contact the parents of the same so that those children can reunite with their real parents. Through the radio, she introduces herself and reveals the coordinates of PADRE for the parents to find them and reunite with the children they lost. The radio message is heard by an individual, who records the coordinates and packs a bag, possibly to leave for PADRE and meet Madison.

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The hammer the individual possesses indicates that the person can be Troy Otto, a former member of the Broke Jaw Ranch. In the third season, Madison smashes Troy’s head with the same hammer the person possesses and leaves the same near what she must have presumed to be his dead body. Troy must have survived the life-threatening attack on him like Madison is saved from the burning stadium. He must be seeking revenge on the Clark family, which might have led him to Alicia in Texas. If that’s the case, it explains why he has her prosthetic arm. Either Troy must have killed a nearly-dead Alicia and taken her arm as memorabilia or removed the hand from an already dead latter. He may leave for PADRE to exact his vengeance on Madison upon listening to her radio message.

Where Are Morgan and Mo Going?

Throughout his life, Morgan has run away from people and predicaments rather than dealing with the same. When his son Duane turned or his wife Jenny died, Morgan didn’t properly bury them but carried them in his mind, letting them haunt him. He has always moved from one place to the next without showing any hesitation to part ways with people he had been nurturing a connection of companionship. Even in Mo’s case, Morgan doesn’t take responsibility for the girl at first. Rather than becoming a father to her, as the latter deserves, he hands her over to PADRE. He fears the worst and lets his daughter live as an orphan in the community.

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Morgan’s life changes when Madison motivates him to retrieve Mo from PADRE and be a father to her. As a mother who had to part with both of her children, Alicia and Nick, Madison understands the plight of Morgan and makes him accept responsibilities rather than run away from them. That’s the reason why Morgan buries Duane and Jenny and ultimately saves Mo from PADRE to be a father for her. Morgan realizes that rather than running away, he should share his life with people he shares an attachment. Such a realization is leading him to the people he had to part ways with before he ended up in Texas. Morgan and Mo are going to find these people and help them survive the challenges they face.

The first name on Morgan’s list of people he wants to find is Rick Grimes. Rick is the person who helps Morgan to make sense of the zombie apocalypse during the early months of the same. Rick then asks Morgan to not run and face the challenges that trouble him. Morgan may want to find Rick and expresses his gratitude toward the latter for the piece of advice that kept him going against all the odds. The eleventh-season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ reveals that Rick is alive. We can expect Morgan to find Rick, who likely is trying to avoid getting captured by the Civic Republic Military (CRM) as the series finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ depicts.

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