Review: Feel Good S01 E02

At the end of the first episode, Mae finally breaks out of her shell and opens up about her addiction and what it brought to her with George. But as one thing is settled, another problem comes to light. It looks like Mae might not really be as sober as she had thought. George, too, needs to do something about her own predicament.

Feel Good Episode 2 Recap

A challenge surfaces for Mae when George has to leave town for the weekend. She has to attend a wedding and she is not allowed to have a plus one, which is why Mae can’t come along. As soon as George leaves, Mae starts feeling the need to be in constant touch with her. She calls her and then sends her dozens of texts after which George is forced to ask her not to text her for the entire day. Mae tries to keep busy for the rest of the day and seeks Maggie’s help. It turns out that Maggie has an addiction of her own that she has not acknowledged yet. At the wedding, George reconsiders her feelings for Mae.

Feel Good Episode 2 Review

In its second episode, we find Mae struggling with her addiction. However, it is not exactly for drugs. Spending a weekend without George is an insurmountable task that Mae does not want to go through. She insists on tagging along, but George has some inhibitions showing up with an unexpected plus one in front of her family and friends.

At first, it looks like Mae is just trying to be a part of George’s life. In the last episode too, she had asked George about her friends and wanted to meet with them. After months of being together, she hasn’t had any glimpse into the other life of her girlfriend. However, as soon as George leaves, we discover that there is a completely different reason why Mae wanted to attend the wedding.

She has traded one addiction for another. Yes, she hasn’t had drugs in a long time, but saying that she is sober wouldn’t be quite right. In fact, she hasn’t even accepted this fact yet. It is after the conversation with her mother, Linda, played by the wonderful Lisa Kudrow, that Mae realises how needy she has always been. Her problem lies in her wanting something that she can latch on to. She requires dependency on someone or something. For some time, she had found that refuge in drugs. Or maybe, she got into drugs because she wanted to escape that feeling.

After she got loose from that noose, she latched on to people. As her mother describes her previous relationships, she had clung on to her partners in a way that is possibly the most important reason that drove them away. Now, she is doing the same with George. But it seems to be improving, as she accepts her addiction in NA meeting, which is the first step to recovery. Another thing that opens her eyes to the truth is Maggie’s addiction. She, too, is many years sober of drugs, but her obsession to follow around her daughter has sustained for too long and has become too unhealthy a thing. She, too, finally confronts her problem by simply accepting that she has it.

The second chapter of the series stresses further on the struggles of the characters and takes the first step towards their recovery. Both Mae and George have a challenge ahead of them. One needs to let go of her toxic behaviour and the other needs to accept herself completely. Both of them are on their way.

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