Finding Magic Mike Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

HBO Max’s ‘Finding Magic Mike’ is an incredible dance reality show that focuses on the contestants’ overall development instead of just dancing skills. Borrowing its central theme from the 2012 movie ‘Magic Mike,’ the show brings together a group of ten individuals dealing with some vulnerability or the other. Once on the show, dance and brotherly bonding work hand in hand to develop confidence and self-belief as competitors fight for the title. With most of the cast relatively new to the reality TV scene, curiosity surrounding their lives is at an all-time high. Let’s dig in deep and find out where the ‘Finding Magic Mike’ season 1 cast is at present, shall we?

Where is Ross Harris Now?

Ross Harris is a former US Army Ranger who has even served in Afghanistan. He appeared to be quite jovial and was interested in showing the judges what he could do on ‘Finding Magic Mike.’ Ross was shaping up to be a promising contestant when a sudden incident completely changed his fate. The cast and crew had to maintain a Covid-19 bubble and hence were not allowed to venture out or have other people over during filming. However, crew members heard voices of a second person from Ross’ room and, on going to enquire, got into an altercation with the reality TV star. However, with Ross having broken the rules by inviting outside company, he had to be disqualified from the show.

Post-filming, Ross has been keeping up with his passion for fitness and is even exploring the field of music. Moreover, being an avid nature lover, he travels extensively with his “bestie” and often shares the memories on social media. Besides, Ross is a family man and loves spending quality time with his loved ones. He is in a happy marriage and is a proud father to two incredible sons. Shockingly, in November 2021, Ross had to go through a terrible time when his younger son, Will, was diagnosed with a severely low blood count and had to receive three blood transfusions. However, he is now well on his way to recovery, and we wish Ross and his family the very best for the years ahead.

Where is Kevin Klass Now?

Kevin was a fantastic performer who kept gaining courage and self-confidence as the show rolled on. He was loved by everyone because of his cheerful nature and had developed deep bonds with his castmates. Thus, it was pretty difficult to accept his cruel fate when he suffered a severe fall while on set and ended up with a compound faction. With such a critical injury, he had to be wheeled off to a nearby hospital right from set as his plans to compete further were dashed to the ground. His castmates, too, were visibly affected by his departure and couldn’t help but shed tears as Kevin was being driven away.

Thankfully, Kevin received proper treatment in time and seems to have recovered. He was even able to attend the ‘Finding Magic Mike’ season finale, where Johnny Dutch was crowned the winner. Unfortunately, Kevin prefers privacy and refrains from posting about his life on social media. Still, it seems that he has been spending time with friends and enjoying life post-filming.

Where is Ricardo Negron Now?

Ricardo went through a remarkable transformation throughout his time on the show. Initially introduced as a soft-spoken, shy individual who was nervous about the experience, Ricardo soon gained confidence and found a hidden passion for dance. Besides, he even wowed viewers with his rapping skills and was one of the favorites for the title. Unfortunately, the judges decided that his skills weren’t enough to earn him a spot in the top three, and thus, Ricardo exited at the 4th position.

Ricardo has been enjoying life with his newfound confidence post filming and loves keeping his fans updated through regular posts on social media. He even seems to have made a few friends for life during his time on ‘Finding Magic Mike,’ and still keeps in touch with his castmates. Besides, the reality TV star is now in a lovely relationship with Laura Beth Hill, and the couple is highly supportive of each other’s ambitions. Ricardo’s love for his partner is quite evident as he recently celebrated Laura’s birthday through a post on social media and wrote, “You are a Queen, a godsend, and everything that a hopeless romantic waits for. I love you, goofball. Happy Birthday! After years of searching, I’m finally home. You’re home.”

Where is Adonis Frank Now?

Adonis didn’t have what one might call a chiseled body and even mentioned how he had battled body image issues throughout his life. However, the show seemed to take away his fear, as once on the dance floor; Adonis put his heart into every performance while at the same time making sure the audience he was performing for was comfortable and contended. His dedication and commitment to dance, confident personality and ever-cheerful disposition helped him along until he was finally eliminated in the third position.

With Adonis being a medical student and a personal chef, it seems like he has gone back to his profession post-filming. Besides, armed with his newfound self-confidence, he has since decided to commit to fitness and is not one to give up easily. Moreover, Adonis acknowledges the show’s positive effects on his life as he took to social media and wrote. “This journey hasn’t been easy however it will be a fruitful one. I can’t wait for the next steps of this journey. I welcome them with open arms and full of confidence!!”

Where is Nate Bryan Now?

Nate Bryan outshone most through his dancing skills and was considered one of the favorites to win the competition. After entering the top two, he, along with Johnny Dutch, pushed himself to the maximum to pick up a multiple song routine within five days. His performance with the ‘Magic Mike Live’ crew was exhilarating, and although he did not win the title, he was propelled into the spotlight and discovered his passion for dance.

Nate has now been living life on his terms and catching up on lost time with his loved ones post-filming. The show instilled him in a deep sense of self-belief, which made him realize that he was capable of achieving anything that he set his mind on. Being in the top two made him land an opportunity to become a part of one of the ‘Magic Mike Live’ casts, and according to reports, Nate even expressed a desire to appear as an actor on the upcoming Channing Tatum movie ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance.’

Where is Johnny Dutch Now?

Johnny Dutch took ‘Finding Magic Mike’ by storm and breezed his way through the competition. He embraced the spirit of the show and was selected as the most charismatic dancer, which allowed him to perform with a partner. While his dancing skills were extraordinary, Johnny even combated his vulnerability while on the show and mentioned how it turned him into a stronger and more determined person. After going through an exhaustive routine of non-stop dance for five days, Johnny performed live alongside his castmate, Nate, and the rest of the ‘Magic Mike Live’ cast in the show’s finale before being crowned the winner.

Johnny is an out-and-out family man who was ecstatic at how happy his mother would be after learning of his victory. He even mentioned that he would try to move out and live independently with the financial backing of the prize money. Although it is unknown if he has taken up the opportunity to be a part of the ‘Magic Mike Live’ cast, Johnny hasn’t given up dancing and keeps balancing his newfound passion alongside his lifelong dream of representing the United States in the Olympics.

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