First Class: Where Are They Now?

Reality TV shows that reveal the nitty-gritty about the lives of the rich and famous have always enjoyed a large fan following. Netflix’s ‘First Class‘ follows a similar vein as it revolves around the everyday lives of a group of successful friends in Barcelona. While the group comprises people from various professions and walks of life, they are united by their love for extravagant parties and a vibrant lifestyle. Moreover, we also get to witness the cast navigate through the top rung of society while precariously balancing their personal and professional commitments. To top it all off, the show offers a healthy dose of romance and drama, which makes for some thrilling television.

‘First Class’ season 1 introduced us to the dynamic group of friends, most of whom were new to reality TV. Naturally, fans got quite interested in their personal lives, and with the cameras now turned away, want to find out where the cast is at present. Well, we come bearing answers!

Where Is Lucia Saez-Benito Now?

Once filming dropped, Lucia Saez-Benito eased back into her everyday routine in Barcelona. She remains good friends with most of the cast members and often shares the memories she creates with them. Although Lucia is quite private regarding her personal life, she is living a life surrounded by the friends she considers her family, and we hope happiness never eludes her in the near future.

Where Is Alex Agullo Now?

In 2020, Alex Agullo left his job as a PR Director at the XXL Comunicación Agency and opened his Barcelona-based PR firm, Las Marquesas. Besides, in April of the same year, Alex married his husband, Roman Trias, and the two have since built up a wonderful life. From the looks of it, Alex is at a good place in his life at present, and we wish him the very best for the years to come.

Where Is Aldo Comas Now?

Aldo is busy furthering his career as a painter and has published several of his artworks online under the name Aldo‘s Paint Lab. Moreover, he hosts an exhibition at a gallery in Mallorca, Spain, and has embraced the culture of NFTs. The Barcelona-based artist is also quite happy in his personal life as he is married to Macarena Gomez and the two are proud parents to a seven-year-old. Aldo’s success is a result of his hard work, and we hope he finds happiness everywhere he goes.

Where Is Archie Alled Martinez Now?

Archie Alled Martinez or Manel is in a good place at present as he was given an opportunity to take on the position of Creative Director at Karl Lagerfeld. Interestingly, while on the show, Manel got to go on a date with his childhood friend, Santi. However, from the looks of it, that relationship did not work out. Hence, the Barcelona-based designer is currently busy talking his fashion label, Alled-Martinez, to greater heights.

Where Is Zaida Marquez Now?

While the cameras were still rolling, Zaida and her husband, Marc, hosted a beautiful ceremony, where they renewed their vows in front of their friends. However, now that filming has wrapped, the couple has fallen back into their daily routine, although Zaida keeps her followers updated about the memories she makes with Marc. Besides, the couple also shuttles between London and Barcelona and leads quite a busy life.

Where Is Marc Patsy Now?

While on the show, Marc claimed that he and Zaida divided their time between London and Barcelona, which did not allow them to have close friends. However, once they got acquainted with Alex, he welcomed them into his friend circle, which slowly became their second family in Barcelona. Nevertheless, once filming ended, Marc settled into a happy life with his wife, Zaida, although he has embraced privacy in his personal life. Still, from the looks of things, the two have built up a happy hope, and we hope they find success in all their future endeavors.

Where Is Clara Courel Now?

One of the most renowned fashion journalists in Spain, Clara Courel, is known best for her extravagant yet jaw-dropping fashion. Currently, the esteemed journalist functions as the CEO of her own company, Courel Comunicacion, which excels in production and digital marketing in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Moreover, she seems to be going strong with her partner, Hugo Portuondo, and we wish them the very best for the years to come.

Where Is Amanda Portillo Now?

While she was the life of most parties on the show, Amanda Portillo has eased back into her daily routine after filming ended. She currently resides in Barcelona and is living a happy life, surrounded by her friends and family. Moreover, Amanda has also been doing quite well professionally, and her Instagram account has a few incredibly detailed digital artworks, which stand as a testimony to her talent. It honestly is heartwarming to witness Amanda’s success, and we hope she reaches greater heights in the near future.

Where Is Carola Etxart Now?

While Carola was initially introduced as Amanda Portillo’s ex, she soon won fans over with her charming and cheerful personality. Interestingly, near the end of the season, Carola discovered that she was pregnant, and the show even managed to document a bit of her journey towards motherhood. Thus, viewers will be happy to know that Carola is now a proud mother to Neo Etchart Perkovic on June 3, 2022. Moreover, while talking about her journey, Carola praised her partner, Andrei Warren, and wrote, “He has been by my side for 9 months, taking care of me as if I were a glass doll. You are infinitely better than I could ever imagine. I love you.”

Where Is Meilan Kao Now?

Meilan is currently based out of Barcelona, from where she runs her company, Grupo Kao, alongside her sister. Through Grupo Kao, the sisters own and operate a total of four popular restaurants in the Spanish city, while their father holds the position of the executive chef in one of the restaurants. Additionally, Meilan has also proved her mettle in the wine business and seems to have an even brighter future ahead of her.

Where Is Julie Brangstrup Now?

Currently based out of Barcelona, Julie Brangstrup holds the position of CEO at her charity organization, Cash & Rocket, through which she supports female solidarity and raises money for charities all around the world. Moreover, she is happily married to Mark Brangstrup Watts, and the pair are proud parents to their three children. Julie loves keeping her followers updated about her personal life, and while witnessing the memories she makes with her family is genuinely heartwarming, we hope she remains happy for the years to come.

Where Is Santiago Riveiro Now?

Santiago Riveiro or Santi was set up to go on a date with his childhood friend, Manel. Although the date went pretty well, the relationship seems to have fizzled out, and they appear not to be together anymore. Nevertheless, Santi still seems to be associated with his popular food and travel blog, Meal of Joy and has even filled his social media accounts with pictures of his delicious cooking.

Where Is Cristina Fontella Now?

Interestingly, Cristina Fontella was the one who initially suggested that Manel’s birthday celebrations should be held inside a castle in Toulouse. Now that filming has ended, Cristina fell back into her life as a Barcelona-based entrepreneur and runs the firm La Fontella, through which she represents various brands.

Where Is Ferran Ribo Now?

Even though Ferran Ribo allowed cameras into his everyday life during the filming of ‘First Class,’ he now prefers complete privacy and has even locked his social media accounts. However, he maintains close relationships with most of his cast-mates and is currently associated with the event management agencies, WILDE & partners, and Privia.

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