First Home Fix’s Raisa Kuddus: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Raisa Kuddus/Instagram

‘First Home Fix’ is a home improvement show that chronicles the home renovation or restoration projects of first-time home-buyers while transforming their residences without going over their budget. The efforts of hosts Raisa Kuddus and Austin Coleman go into assisting these homeowners with artistic and practical renovating techniques. Talented designer and artist Raisa Kuddus participates in the design phase of reconstruction, while Austin Coleman handles the practical job of the transformation as an experienced builder and woodworker. The designer partners help young newlywed and millennial buyers with their new home requirements while operating out of their vintage VW van.

These artistic specialists, who are newcomers to reality television, have won quite a few admirers thanks to their exposure on the HGTV show. In particular, the lively presence and innovative approaches presented by Raisa Kuddus have helped her garner love from numerous fans, who must now also be eager to know everything about her, ranging from her family to her career to her dating life. If you’re such a curious fan, here’s everything you need to know!

Raisa Kuddus’ Age, Ethnicity, and Background

Born on May 17, 1991, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Raisa Kuddus belongs to a loving family that originally hails from the beautiful country of Bangladesh. Her close-knit family now lives in Utah and comprises her mother, whom she lovingly calls “Amma,” her father, whom she addresses as “Ba,” and her brother, Noah Kuddus. Raisa is appreciative of all her family members, especially her mother, because of the strength she exudes and the sacrifices she made throughout her journey for her family. Her mother endured her third silent heart attack in June 2022 but is thankfully on her way to recovery.

Raisa is extremely close to her father, a microbiologist, who helped her develop an eternal love for nature and plants. While talking about her inspiration on the show, Raisa said, “My dad taught me to look at things in a really microscopic way or in an expansive way, from atoms to the universe. I find inspiration from all levels of nature, and it’s in everything I do.” She also has a solid bond with her brother, who inspires her by leading his life proudly and boldly. Noah seemingly identifies as gay and has been in a loving relationship with Peyton for several years.

The 31-year-old completed her graduation in 2013 from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (BFA) and honors in Graphic Design. While in university, she also completed her minors in Design & Technology. She has occasionally volunteered in Angels Hands Nonprofit Organization for children’s rare diseases. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games, puzzles, and crocheting. Despite growing up and residing in the US, Raisa is proud of her Bengali roots.

Raisa Kuddus’ Profession

Raisa gained quite a few experiences as a professional artist even before enrolling in college. She kickstarted her career as an Art Instructor and continued it throughout her college life. After taking up a few internships as a Graphic Designer/Assistant Director of Marketing, University of Utah Chapter President, and Graphic Design History Teaching and Printing Assistant at the University, Raisa became the Graphic Designer at Radi8 Creative in June 2013, likely following her graduation.

Raisa soon climbed the ladder of success by working as Programming Director at AIGA Salt Lake City from 2013 to 2016 and later served as an Art Director at Contravent for four years until 2018. She then moved to the sprawling South Californian city of Los Angeles, where she began working as a Freelance Designer in 2018 with multiple agencies in the fields of art direction, strategy, branding, and illustration, such as McCann, Vestar, Epic Energy, Contender, Cosmic Pictures, Ore Design, FirecodeLA.

In August 2019, Raisa joined hands with Austin, and together they created her company, blohk design, wherein the former serves as the Creative Director and Muralist. Her venture into reality home renovation has taken her career to new heights as she explores the world of interior design and murals even further.

Raisa Kuddus’ Boyfriend

Raisa Kuddus is not only partnering with Austin Coleman on the HGTV show but is also in a relationship with him. The professional athlete and builder first met Raisa in Salt Lake City at a sports after-party event in late 2017 or early 2018. While Austin was the producer and judge of the action sport BMX contest, Raisa was the muralist at the same after-party, which was held at the design firm where Raisa worked at the time.

While talking about their first meeting, Austin said, “The very first thing I saw when I walked into this party was a huge mural on the wall, which I was completely fascinated by. I thought it was beautiful. And even though I was supposed to be mixing and mingling with all the different athletes and such, I was transfixed by this mural.” After admiring the work for a long time and then going around asking about its artist, he was finally led to Raisa by someone at the party.

Interestingly, the first thing Austin asked Raisa was if she was the artist behind the mural. Raisa was also smitten by Austin, especially with the fact that the mural was the thing he noticed the most in a huge sports event. After that awkward yet cute exchange, the two began talking and connecting and also danced together the entire night. Later, Austin made his attraction for her pretty obvious by calling her up after just a week, and they fell in love soon after.

Now, the couple has been in a loving relationship for more than 4 years and has begun their venture into home renovation as a natural step forward due to their common artistic sides. They also share similar interests in traveling, skating, going on road trips, learning a new art, surfing, etc. Austin and Raisa are also very close to each other’s families and often enjoy doing fun activities with the family members. The adorable couple lives happily in Tustin, California, and we would only wish them the best for their future together.

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