Five Blind Dates: Do Lia and Richard End Up Together?

In Prime Video’s romantic comedy movie ‘Five Blind Dates,’ Richard struggles to hide his feelings for Lia while the latter sets out to find her soulmate among the men presented before her by her family members. When Lia strikes a connection with Curtis, Richard expresses his jealousy but he tries to hide his true emotions by casually getting together with Rosie. Lia, after spending four dates, eventually realizes that her soulmate may not be far away. The film ends with the tea shop owner learning more about Richard’s life, which makes her reconsider her feelings regarding him and his past actions! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Misunderstandings

Lia and Richard were close friends while they were children. As two companions at the age of fifteen, they made a promise that they would get out of Townsville to open a tea shop together. However, Richard didn’t keep his word, which infuriated Lia. When he went back on his word, their relationship ended up being the cost of the decision. That’s the reason why the duo acts awkwardly around each other whenever they meet. But what Lia doesn’t know is that Richard didn’t have an option in front of him when he decided to stay back in Townsville.

Lia was able to run away to Sydney and open Popo’s Tea Time with the money her grandmother had saved for her. Her parents are highly independent, which helps her chase her dreams as well. Richard, on the other hand, had to look after his ill mother. Right after high school, he realized that he could not run away from their town to accompany Lia to the city. He accepted his responsibilities as the man of the household and started looking after his parents forsaking his own dreams. He sacrificed his wishes and aspirations, which included sharing his life with Lia, for the sake of his family.

When Lia learns the truth behind Richard’s decision to stay back in Townsville from Nigel, she perceives that her former friend didn’t have any other choice. The realization also makes her understand how great a man he is. Lia has been searching for a soulmate for a considerable while and now she realizes that she may not be able to find someone more compassionate, considerate, and empathetic than Richard. She must have loved him while they were teenagers, only to start hating him when he didn’t join her to start a tea shop. When she comes to know why he didn’t accompany her, the feelings she might have had for him seemingly get revived in her.

The Unexpected Union

Lia lived years thinking Richard was a selfish man who didn’t value or care about others’ emotions. That can be the reason why she doesn’t consider him as a potential partner. But when she learns what sort of a man he is, Lia can’t help but admire him. The way he has been sacrificing for his loved ones, including Lia by preparing the bonbonnières all by himself, reveals that he is a perfect match for her. Furthermore, he is in a position to prioritize himself now. He not only saved his family’s restaurant business but also expanded it by opening a new branch of the same.

Richard might have wanted to open a branch of his restaurant in Sydney to get closer to Lia. He must have been considering expressing his feelings for his childhood friend by reintroducing himself to her and her world. That can be why he finds it easier to become her boyfriend and a constant presence in and around Popo’s Tea Time. As the film ends with a glimpse of the couple’s life in Sydney, it is evident that they are meant to be together.

Lia and Richard are two individuals with varying notions about life in general. While the former can leave her family and start a new chapter of her life on her own, the latter cannot abandon his loved ones irrespective of what he wants. Still, they can understand and value each other, which explains why they end up together.

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